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Future Additions to this great Addon


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Amazing Addon so far, I absolutely love it. <3


Will be in further Updates correct wingflex during taxi, take off, turbulence layers etc correctly implemeted( sorry, but i would love to see it with this great addon) :-)

And one more thing I hope it will be added, correct engine cowl reflection from beacon lights and nav lights reflecting on ground a bit, not too bright. Zibo Mod 737 does it also have and it looks fantastic, so the best addon on market should also have this feature, I think.;-)

Flap sounds in cabin view could be a bit louder. too, would be nice.

What can be added to polish the texture design the hydraulic cables and stuff do not know how to say below the deployed spoilers, would be a nice addition (texture wise.)


Beside that, I really love this amazing addon, well done guys from IXEG! Appreciate your outstanding work.

Cheers, Tom

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