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MU-2 throttle problem.

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digging a bit deeper, definitely finding some issues.   Because the Moo was incompatible with V11, I very much focused on getting it to work....but I also back-ported some 737 code into it....and there is a mis-match in some spots, particularly relating to the throttle.....BUT also because Austin has made some changes to the turbine model.  The changes seem to work in the Moos favor for accuracy, but were undocumented, so it slipped by me.  I am quite sure we will be doing an update at some point soon.



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While i am patiently waiting for over a week for an initial reply from XA to my opened ticket #1KPCO opened on 27th October, i would like to share some more info and logs (because your contact form doesn't have possibility to attach files).

I did some more deeper testing with latest Mu-2 version and with XP11.05r2:

Without any HW controls attached:

- throttle levers doesn't move with mouse - mouse pointer changes from arrow to hand, but when i click and drag, nothing happens (cond. levers are fine)

- at throttle at idle levers are in "flight idle" - shouldn't be rather in "ground idle"?

- when i use "toggle reverse" then throttle levers go from "flight idle" to "ground idle" and "beta range" announciators lights up; beta range now can be adjusted with F1/F2 throttle keys

With my Saitek throttle quadrant:

- throttle levers still can't be moved with mouse, but they do move with HW throttle lever

- with HW throttle at idle levers are in "flight idle"

- using "toggle reverse" doesn't work, only "beta range" announciators briefly go on and then off

- using "toggle beta" works at least by gauges and by sound - torque drops down, you can hear also sound of engine and props going down, but that's all, i can't control props pitch in beta range (in cockpit throttle levers won't go from "flight idle" to "ground idle", even "beta range" announciators doesn't light up)

You can see my logs in attachment, there are both Gizmo and XP logs, one pair for "no HW controls", second pair is "with HW controls".






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Ok, i was really curious about why with HW levers it doesn't work.

I found this:

When i move my prop lever down to zero, then cockpit prop lever doesn't go exactly to the Taxi detent, but slightly ABOVE it, just few milimiters or so - that's why i can't go to beta range with "thrust toggle". When i use mouse for prop lever and move it slightly down right to the Taxi detent, then i can u se "reverse toggle" and my HW throttle lever to move in beta range.

When looking at the dataref sim/flightmodel/engine/ENGN_prop:

- with prop lever controlling by mouse values between Taxi and Take-off and land detents are from 132.854065 to 173.500

- with prop lever controlling HW prop lever values between Taxi and Take-off and land detents are from 125.663719 to 175.929199

So, when i move my HW prop lever slightly above lowest zero position, then i see go that dataref to roughly about 132 and then i can go into beta range by using "toggle reverse".

Please fix this.

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Please read teh post, You have to put teh prop lever a tad above Taxi indent, While its in the indent it wont go into beta. and yes he is working on a fix for throttle, its all due to a Austin moving target.  Austin is still working on the turbine model is this one isnt one of them so he needs to do a few workaround. As it stands flight idle is ground idle til leh sorts it out

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I found out that a new dataref exists in XP11, dealing specifically with beta mode....and also got some clarification about how the engine speed algorithms work from Laminar.  I'm working on incorporating these into an update for more reliable and accurate throttle operations.


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Greetings @Mu 2;

Welcome to the forums!

In the future when you encounter any issues it's extremely helpful if you attach your Log.txt and GizmoLog.txt so it can be evaluated/validated for errors and give everyone a clear picture of what's happening in your set up.

Good luck and good hunting,


Roger Halunen

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