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P.180 Avanti II - Support


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Right. Clearly people are assuming that I'm telling the author of the aircraft what to do.

But I am not.  What I am doing is pointing out that whether this is the best option or not is highly dubious.

I shall stay away from it because its technical lead is a highly erratic toddler.

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4 hours ago, xviper said:

Hi and I hope you are having a happy week. 

Will there by an update for XP12?


Some time in the future yes, but first I have to finish my job on DC3, then update both DC3 and C23 to XP12 standards, and then I hope to find some time for Avanti. I have tested in XP12, there are a few issues need solving to be fully operational.

(Images are from early alpha versions)

avanti - 2022-05-21 12.02.21 PM.png

avanti - 2022-06-05 02.38.39 AM.png

avanti - 2022-06-05 03.16.13 AM.png

avanti - 2022-09-13 10.04.54 AM.png

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