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Two CTD in a row

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First crash I went into the preferences and changed to start cold and dark, then it crashed to desktop

Then I reinstalled the airplane for a fresh install in X-Plane 11, updated the Navdata via Navigraph, loaded up X-Plane 

and started to reconfigure. Got to pushback and engine start. Just after selecting No.2 to GND while pushing back with nose right

Then without any warning, desktop!! 


Included are both crash reports, log files and other files. 

Hoping you can see if it is IXEG or X-Plane related but



25c36b49-d56a-49f6-bdd8-51ccc01b4fcb.dmp Time 1342



fc701626-17d3-467f-a159-f7d0b1a7c4d9.dmp  Time 14:32

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Managed to do a flight from A to B without much hickup, except for some Gizmo issues.

A Windows popped up, but did not see what it was except some error regarding autoland. 

So I got this from the log which by the way is included for this flight


debug:    0.160: Firmware v16.09.27.0342
debug:    0.162: Machine ID: 8af258dcd479a718c049fed5542fd857
warng:    0.165: GUI Read Key Protection Applied.
debug:    0.170: X-Plugins OBJ8 Loader v15.01.11
debug:    0.329: * gxt.refresh()..
debug:    0.333: gxt: AutoLoading..
debug:    0.335:   gxt.load: Console
debug:    0.337:   gxt.load: ToolTray
debug:    0.339:   gxt.load: HotFix
debug:    0.341:   gxt.load: Mute
debug:    0.343:   gxt.load: Preferences
debug:    0.345:   gxt.load: RebootButton
debug:    0.347:   gxt.load: GateKeeper
debug:    0.349: X-Aviation Licensing: Load license..
debug:    0.354: X-Aviation Licensing: License is valid.
debug:    0.356:   gxt.load: MAXX_RWC
warng:    0.358:   gxt.load: ErrorReport: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link?
debug:    0.359:   gxt.load: Shell
debug:    0.361: gxt: Completed AutoLoad.



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