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Horn sounding on takeoff in XP11.05r1


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To make a clean start, I made a fresh installation of both XP11.02 and 11.05r1 (stable and beta respectively).  Into both of these I installed IXEG 1.2.  Using the same checklist and procedures for the 733 that I have used successfully ever since I bought IXEG 1.0 when it was released, and a simple flight from EGFF to EGCC (BCN N864 MONTY) with the same SID (BCN1A) and STAR (MIRS1A via MIRSI) I have different results.  This is the flight that I use to check out all my A/C purchases.  In 11.02 the flight is always successful.  In 11.05r1, as soon as the engines spool up past 50% the horn goes off.  If I powere them down it silences but come on again when I re-spool up.  I can however engage TOGA and take off although there appears to be an associated delay in LNAV becoming available (but I might be wrong in this).  Eventually the horn silences and I can activate LNAV, VNAV and AP1 and the flight proceeds normally.  I am a little bewildered since 11.05 was supposed to be mainly new airports.

I see nothing in log.txt or gizmolog.txt to explain why the horn sounds and my config is exactly the same in both instances.  The only thing I haven't had time to try is taking off from a different airport.  Anyone had similar issues or can offer an explanation?

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The horn indicates a takeoff configuration error and will sound when the throttle is advanced beyond 50% and one or more of the following is true

  • flaps in the wrong position for takeoff 
  • trim outside of (green) takeoff band
  • speed brake not fully retracted (mustn't be armed either) - this can easily happen if you've assigned a joystick axis
  • parking brake set

If you've checked all those it might be an issue with 11.05 or I'm forgetting some other condition...

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Thanks mfor.  I need to do some more work on this.  My config is always all good. Flaps 5 (and in FMC) trim well in the green, speedbrake fully retracted, parking brake off.

1) I heard the trim wheel noise but did not realise what was happening.  When the A/C starts to move, the trim wheels spin madly and set trim to zero.  This would appear to explain the horn and the difficulty in getting the A/C up to a height where I can activate LNAV, VNAV and AP1, at which time trim resets in the green and the horn silences.  Cannot see what causes this at this time.

2) When I take off with standard config and nothing put into the FMC there is no problem.  I can takeoff, activate TOGA and with AP1 on can fly manually or using the MCP..  No horn and no trim issues.  Can't believe I am missing something in programming the FMC since I follow the same checklist/procedures that I have used since Day 1!  My "test" flight uses the same flight plan, a physical config that matches your list above, and identical FMC planning every time!  

As it is I am happily flying the IXEG 733 in XP11.02 (stable) and when I have time I'll look at 1105r1 again.

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Hi Mikey,

for what it´s worth I just did the same flight you describe (EGFF runway 30, BCN1A SID, ...) and there was no problem with the takeoff configuration warning.

I would suggest rechecking your controller setup and key-binding... I have had reports where suddently keys or buttons were bound to stuff that the user never assigned. In your case it could be a button or lever getting assigned to trim, or some autopilot or artificial stability control.

Take a look at what the trim is doing and we should be able to narrow the problem down.

Cheers, Jan


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OK.  'fess up time!  I was not checking the initial trim setting.  It is set all the way down at the bottom initially.  Once I put it to T/O setting everything is OK.  Sorry for wasting your time guys but in the end I learned a valuable lesson about making assumptions.

Thanks to all of you above. :D

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