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Trim Power TO setup


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Elevator TO Trim is based on CG. Doesn't matter what the weight is because it can be placed in different areas giving you different CG. Like mfor said you have to change CG manually in Ground Crew menu and it will give you value (by the way - not percent but units). Then you set Elevator trim to match the correct value. You can get it from Ground Crew menu where you set CG, but the 'realistic' thing is to put your CG in TAKEOFF page in CDU and you it will calculate correct trim setting.

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Well, if you wanted to do it manually, you'd need a load and trim sheet, where you can enter the weight distribution for the cargo, fuel and passenger compartments and then derive the CG, like this one:


That's for a 737-400 though - couldn't find one for the -300.

For a sim I'd just pick a random number (between 12 and 30, I think) to mix it up and pretend that's how the aircraft was loaded.

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2 hours ago, Hullu-poika said:

Are there any free tools available for CG calculation depending on aircraft load?

There is an application for iOS called iGoDispatch that does exactly that. It even updates your CG dynamically during your flight. Although, it is not free. There should be a desktop version available later this year.

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