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Hard crash when reloading


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DISCLAIMER: I have removed all 3rd party plugins, running latest version with latest Navigraph airac, XP10.50

I posted a while ago about this issue I have been having, unfortunately it caused a bit of drama, but since the issue seems to be ongoing I think I might have another attempt at reporting it.

I experience random crashes that occur when:

-reloading the aircraft multiple times (via gizmo menu, e.g cold and dark/turnaround), somtimes I'll start the sim, put that aircraft to cold/dark, wait 5 minutes and then go to "turnaround" and it crashes. Reloading the aircraft with less than a minute intervals almost guarantees a crash.

-random crashes during any and every fase of flight

-upon shutting x-plane down it goes "x-plane.exe has stopped working" which I'll label as a crash as well

NONE of these issues occur with any other aircraft I have, they are independent of scenery and situation but appear to be random.  

This is a game-breaker for me unfortunately, I've lost patience and faith that I'll be able to fly IXEG without this show-stopping problem and I'm really hoping to get this solved.

I've attached a log of a crash that happened sitting on the ground, doing nothing.

Any help appreciated. 




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Fixed it. It's wierd, during previous tests when I removed all plugins from the folder I was having similar issues, but I guess 1.1 fixed something (maybe to do with Gizmo? I have no idea, I had been messing around with the installation). 

But this fixed it.

Is there a solution in sight for this incompatibility?

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I have exactly the same problem. Sometimes I can't even fly the 737. Loading the 737, changing state, moving the aircraft to the gate cause Xplane 10 to crash randomly. Sometimes it works straight.

I am using Xenviro too. I hope someone can find out what is causing this with xenviro, because weather and xplane rendering is great with xenviro. Can't fly without it.

I may drop a ticket at xenviro to see what they can say about that.

Best regards,


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