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I stumbled upon some "weird" behaviour on the RTE page (1 and 2) which can result in a Gizmo soft crash.

To reproduce soft crash:

  1. Load IXEG 737 in Ready To Fly.
  2. Select RTE page (1/2 or 2/2... it happens on both pages).
  3. Enter any text into the scratchpad and line select 6L.

Gizmo crash... see attached GizmoLog.txt.

What's interesting about this is if you now have a look in your IXEG coroutes folder you will find a file called "text you've entered above".fpl. If you already had a route file in this folder, let's say EGLLEHAM.fpl and you entered "EGLLEHAM" as the text in the scratchpad, then this file will be overwritten.

Now if you don't type anything into the scratchpad and you LSK6L then you will be prompted "ENTER FILENAME" in the scratchpad.
Also, if you LSK6R on this page then it will take you to Page 2/2.
Is this behaviour intended?

Just though I'd share this.



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