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Hello to all Captains! Welcome to Icarus Simulations support forums!

In order to provide you the best support, in the shortest period of time, please consider to follow the guidelines below:


  1. In your post, describe your problem in a detailed manner.
  2. Describe in extend you hardware specs as: CPU model and Speed/RAM installed and frequency/Video Card Make-model-VRAM/Hard disks.
  3. Include your Log.txt file, at the time you found/had the problem. If you restart X-Plane, the file is overwritten and we will not be able to investigate.
  4. If it is a scenery related problem, please post also your scenery_packs.ini file.
  5. If it is an aircraft related problem, please post also your GizmoLog.txt file.
  6. If required, include a screenshot to show us the problem.
  7. If required, include a screenshot of your settings.
  8. Provide us any additional info that might help us.

B. PROPOSE A FEATURE/IMPROVEMENT: (Keep in mind that we will study your proposals, but might not be able to respond immediately) 

  1. Post in detail the requested improvement or feature you would like to see.
  2. Provide us with any available material, link, etc, so we can study the possibility of your proposal.

Thanks you for purchasing our products! We are promising to provide the best support possible, so you can enjoy them!

Guidelines latest update: 03/22/2017.

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