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Hi there,

While trying the Alternate Flaps function (turning OFF all the hydraulics) I noticed that I was able to raise the flaps all the way up (Leading Edge and Trailing Edge devices). Should the TE devices only retract while the LE stay extended?

Thanks in advance,


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I have to try it, and I think it used to work correctly: The trailing edge flaps can be extended and retracted with the toggle switch. The leading edge flaps will only "fully extend", but never retract. Extending the leading edge flaps is achieved with the "standby hydraulic system", which will start to operate when the alternate flaps switch is activated.


Edit: I just checked, and it works correctly. If you can find it work in a way it should not, please make a short movie and post it for me to look at. Thanks, Jan


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Just checked it: my bad, it I is working perfectly! It happened that I was mistakenly looking at the needles while the LE flaps being extended is only indicated through the green light! Silly me...So sorry Jan 😃...and by the way your 737 is nothing less than AMAZING: I'm a Colleague currently rated on the flying computer (the 320 Family) and I have to say that the IXEG 737 is such a believable aircraft, it just feels "right" and handles just like a real world airliner! My hat off to all of the IXEG Team! 👏 👏

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