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Live Interview w/ John Spahn (SkyMaxx Creator) [4FEB 1900z]

Kyle Sanders

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--- ‪KS Aviation Twitch Stream ---

Join KS Aviation 4FEB2017 at 1900z (2pm Eastern) for a live interview with John Spahn (Maxx-Xp) as he speaks to the community for the first time about his work with SkyMaxxPro, the history of the product and what it is today.

He will also be clearing up some misunderstandings about SMP version 4 and will be showing us how to optimize it for your system.

We will be taking questions throughout the stream, so be sure to create a free Twitch account so that you may interact in the chat and ask questions!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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4 hours ago, Defiance_co said:


Be a late nighter for me then across the pond hehe


Have Fun


Sorry to hear you can't make it to this live interview. You unfortunately loose the opportunity to ask questions live yourself but this video will be archived for later viewing a few min after the broadcast is over.
At first, you will be able to find it on the twitch channel www.twitch.tv/kyle_sanders 
--in there is a section for videos, highlights or "past broadcasts". Just click on one of them to find the archived video.
We also plan to export it to YouTube. I suggest you following the Kyle Sanders (KS Aviation) twitch channel and also the Facebook page to keep up to date with new info.

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That live video yesterday brought my X-plane experience to another level. I kept wondering why I wasn't getting the results others were having. The information from that session is invaluable imho. We all learn differently through reading,video, and listening. The cash that I spent for SkyMaxx Pro 4 with the Realweather connector is money well spent.



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