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XP11 -- Gamma correction

chris k

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Rendering Setting page is a little "too clean" now I noticed.

No way via UI to adjust screen gamma.

I added it in manually into the the X-Plane.prf file (thats where it was in XP10) via:

_screen_gamma_ 1.800000


However it doesn't seem to make any difference -- once again, X-Plane ships with "washed out" gamma at the 2.7-3.3 range; and with my deep colour monitor, theres no "pop" to the colours at all. (side by side comparison of some DDS imagery I Xgrinded vs how it shows up in XP indicates I really need to set XP11's gamma to 1.7 or lower..)

Anyone know a dataref I could poke that survives restart? (Or John/Frank -- can some MaxxFX-style script adjust this?)

- CK.

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I think most of us miss a certain or certain features

I'm looking at this release as this ..............

A Pre-Beta, somewhat toned option/feature-wise for testing on a pretty even keel (for the rig-compat/bug/issue side of things if any)

I'd hazard a guess not being a coder, that if all the bells n whistles were on this pb from the start, then it would make the devs job a lot harder as it would really broaden their workload which we all should assume would lengthen any post beta release date

Also this is another way i'm thinking, so take it as my hunch-opinion and nothing more from myself ...........

At Cosford, not long into the presentation we all got the shock November announcement, with this in mind, it may be that Laminar sees the need to honour/backup (just insert your wording you prefer here) just what they announced, if so, fair play to them for giving us the pb

So, since being somewhat late on the X-Plane 10 scene, i have seen open-betas, these, again i'm not a coder, would suggest to me they had a stable base to work with and needed that testing over as many varying rig combos out there, for obvious reasons again that makes so much sense as glitches/bugs etc can be found a darn sight faster than a small closed beta testing team

I'm totally fine with what i think/believe is happeneing, afterall, from what i've encountered since last year regarding xp and smp/rwc and most of my pw aircraft, the devs do listen the majority of the time, end line is they hope to sell a product, if they veer off too much from what the majority want, then i'm pretty sure they know or may have learnt from past experience what could happen

I'll put my very slight gripes thus far though, to show although i'm hyped over 11 as any sane nutter like me should be, i do await the return of the items so far i've found

Having to use my Thrustmaster Hotas instead of my minty fresh WH+CH Peds setup due to medical reasons/md-gp advice (the TM i will add is stunning for the money !!!) .............

On the now xp11 pb hat, i cannot assign external views like i did in xp10, i had hat up as 3d cockpit i think, the red/black oblong button next to the hat on the right was my external chase view (unless i got that the wrong way round lol)

I do miss the global globe view, but i do see the parts as per xp10 in the xp11 folders, so i assume this is there and i've not found it (really not dug deep) or they will enable it at a later date

Of course like a lot, i guess the fine tuning options via roads/scenery etc etc, as per my waffle above, i'd be amazed if we don't get as many options as xp10, or at least a chance to tune the majority of what we had been used to

From the 10 ui to 11 is like night and day for me (again, imho) they did stress how long and hard a job that was, so for that reason i'm giving them plenty of slack regarding the new amazing ui

I've had two crashes so far, and Nothing i repeat Nothing to do with XP11, Again, No XP pb Crash

I can tell you now, i couldn't even begin to count how many betas i've been in since 1995, to be frank, i'm amazed just how stable and glitch free this pb is, heck i'll tell you it's more stable/compatible than some rc's and to be totally outwardly honest, more stable/bug/glitch/compat-problem free than some gold and even released games/sims :D

End of my morning post medication waffle lol

Have Fun Guys n Gals

Report any issues

Get Flying

Now, back to drool over on the SMP v4 postings :)


ps : Please, Just take the above as my take on things and nothing more,no hurt/pain/sniping was/is inteneded by the above, just let's all be happy and enjoy watching a new flight sim evolve


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Ok, there's a bug in .POLS and DDS DXT1 with:


No_ALPHA removes the 'washed out' alpha channel correctly

With an Alpha channel enabled, even though I never use it (1 Bit alpha i.e. on/off to crop imagery - i.e. never triggered in the opaque areas), it still 'washes out' the entire DDS; and i have screenshots to prove it =)

- CK.

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