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3D Shots and Renders - showoff what you have been working on.

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Some objects I want to share with scenery developers. These will be released in a short time for everyone's use.            

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Ah yes, the past week i have been working a lot in the new blender, learning it using his stuff, but i hadn't seen that one yet. Here are some of my results and i will try out those techniques, thanks! Is there any way you could send me a .blend file of the parametric texturing?



(pictures won't work to big)

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One of the advantages of having a crap ton of 3d models lying around :P

Not quite there in america but freedom waits CHG1bNp.jpg

its 3,101,888 polygons and had to be rendered using a CPU because my GPU didn't have enough Vram (and its a 2GB card)

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Work in progress for a Norwegian Train set mod, for Train Fever.


Hi Ola,


Modeling and texturing on these is wonderful, well done!  


Not to hijack the thread too much but do you play Train Fever?  I am thinking of buying it when it is released.  It uses the cityEngine SDK to procedural generate the buildings (which is something I would love to get x-plane to do).  It seems like an awesome "game".



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Thank you Chris!


Unfortunately I wasn't selected to be part of the beta testing prior to release next week. So I don't have any more insight into the game than watching some videos of players on the beta. I have pre-ordered, so I'll be installing as soon as possible, give it a test ride, and read up on how to put mods into the game once there's any info on it.

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