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Gizmo Error (Not sure what section for support

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So recently, when flying the 733 I have experinced some unexplained flight model crashes.  The most common thing that happens is that the aircraft becomes unresponsive to my inputs and pitches up or rolls.  I am not a computer person that much, but I did include the lines of the log text where the error occured I think.  I am running OSX El Capitain, XP10 10.45, IXEG 1.0.7. 

Here is the lines of the log text.

G64:9601.335: Plugin Disable..
G64:9601.335: GizmoCore::Stop()..
G64:9601.464: UnRegister Callbacks..
G64:9601.464: Destroying Mouse Trap..
G64:9601.464: UnRegister key sniffer..
G64:9601.464: Killing curl..
G64:9601.464: Killing mapping..
G64:9601.608: Killing particles..
G64:9601.608: Thread sleep..
G64:9601.809: curl_global_cleanup..
G64:9601.809: Plugin Disabled.
SkyMaxx Pro: SilverLining deleted.
iGoConnect: plugin disabled
124thATC v2.0-a20 22:48:30 : Deleting OpenAL Source
124thATC v2.0-a20 22:48:30 : Closing OpenAL device
G64:9602.224: XPluginStop() complete.
GndHandling:OAL_error(779)=No such error code
JARDesign Ground Handling 3D Sound Engine Disable
SkyMaxx Pro: Exiting XPluginStop() of SilverLining
XL: 0 :
XL: 0 : ATC LOG -----------------------------------
XL: 0 : ATC LOG END ----------------------------
XL: 0 :
XL 3D Sound Engine Disable
iGoConnect: FlightLoopCallback unregistered
iGoConnect: plugin stopped
2:39:50.223 I/JOY: UNREGISTER Joystick device: Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals - VID:1699PID:1891
2:39:50.223 I/JOY: UNREGISTER Joystick device: CH ECLIPSE YOKE - VID:1678PID:87
2:39:50.223 D/HID: HID Bridge Shutdown
----- X-Plane has shut down -----

Thank you


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Hi Dan,

not a wizard with those logs, but I would try to disable the JAR plugin for testing if there is a correlation, there is a history of his and ours not working well together in all cases. If that doesn´t help, also disable SkyMaxx Pro, just to get down to the reason (although that should work well).

Additionally, I would suggest upgrading to the latest X-Plane version and if it still crashes possibly also to the latest gizmo beta (you can simply swap them back and forth).

Cheers, Jan


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