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an idea for a plug-in: control views with speech


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For example, you say "Straight" the 3d cockpit view centers to forward view from cockpit. you say "radios" and the view centers in to the radio rack in the instrument panel. You could record the 3d view yourself, just create command and choose view and press save. Voila. view pans smoothly from one to another. Then again, this probably isn't going to work too well if you're not using headphones since there's the default radio chatter and engine noise disturbing the command recognition.


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If you are using a Mac, get MacSpeech Dictate, and then set up commands based on menus or keystrokes to issue voice commands to control X-Plane. I know this works because I have successfully tried it. While I have not tried it for views, it does work for ATC.

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