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Load Objects as Slung-Load by script not by menu clicks


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Hi friends,
I am here to talk about how projects like Xslingload and Xtrident did a plugin to put objects in scenery dynamically and hook them to lift as an slung load in helicopters....

I am trying to do this and I don't know how to connect an object as a slung-load without click on weight and balance menu, I want to do every task by script... it is another question, I want to use Gizmo in my entire project, for now I have a upgrade project to make BK117 more interesting then it is now. I have a electrical, hydraulic and fuel system completely remodeled, I made some blade slap sound effects, and put all objects to be managed by liveries not by different acf file. I downloaded a excellent hoist to put in this superb helicopter and made some modifications to initiate my new script, a code to load objects (a slung paramedic alone, a paramedic with a victim, a doolie with a victim, etc) now I will do my question...

How can I load this object and attach it to slung-load and change if necessary?
remember, I want to use gizmo, only gizmo, and my project is non commercial and is thought to equip a home cockpit so I cant use xslingload, I will use datarefs to change behavior not clicks in menus... When a interaction is necessary this will be done by panel made in Sin Inovation Air manager running in a tablet.

thank you all for collaboration,


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