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Hi Guys, 

First, hats off to the IXEG team for such an amazing and groundbreaking aircraft. I have previously seen a mention to analog gauges being implemented into the aircraft at a later date. I was just wondering if this was still in the cards for this aircraft?







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2 minutes ago, mgurreta said:

Hey Ben, just go to the preferences panel of the plane (on the very left of the screen) and then select the option "Use 'steam gauge' engine instruments".

Nice flight.


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Ben is talking about a full panel of steam guages, not just the center panel.

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Hi - I bought this amazing plane a couple weeks back (held out a LONG time!), and I would LOVE to see the full implementation of a steam gauge panel, as this is what Southwest's remaining B733s have (they've mothballed their B735s by now, I think).  PLEASE do a full steam gauge cockpit!  I'm having a blast with this plane! :D



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