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Unable to download hotfix


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I'm having a problem with the update process of the IXEG 737 via the gizmo plugin.
I've loaded the plane and used the hotfix code in gizmo to start the download but it stops. Sometimes at the beginning (requesting hotfix manifest) sometimes it arrives slowly at the 20th files and then it stops for hours. (I left the sim open for 1h30min and it arrived at the 8th file)

Can someone help me?  I already asked to IXEG but they didn't know how to help.

I have already tried to reinstall the aircraft and disabling all the plugins that I have except gizmo. 

I have noticed that in general X-Plane 10 slows my internet connection even if it isn't downloading anything (I have a good internet connection) to the point that I can't watch a video on youtube at 480p  while I'm using XP but I don't know if this is related with the gizmo problem. I am sure that this is a problem related to my config but I am not an XP expert so I don't know were to look. 

My pc: i7 3770K @4.5 Ghz, 16Gb RAM, GTX780Ti 3 Gb, WIN 10 64 Bit, internet via ethernet cable (not wifi) and no problem with firewall/antivirus ecc. 

Thank for your help in advance


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Have you tried setting an exception for x-plane in windows defender if it's running

All i can think after reading you have no fw/av problems

ps : you didn't try to update gizmo at all did you ? as i read that's solely for software devs, i think it's caught a few out recently (?)

Other than those, no idea sorry




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No, i don't suggest to update Gizmo

I thought if you had, you only do that as a developer, not a user, so maybe that was a cause of not updating fully

Have you tried to stop your av/fw and try to hotfix it again ?

Seems odd it'd hanging somewhat at the same stage

Maybe someone who's had the same problem will pass by




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