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FlyTampa Dubai scenery with flickering ground textures

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I've just converted the newest version of FlyTampa's Dubai airport. After editing all the usual stuff and adding some lighting/static airplanes I loaded the scenery for the first time in the sim. The textures on the ground are flickering like crazy! The taxi lines and gate numbers are always disappearing and changing to the asphalt texture below, same with all the apron and runway textures. There are no flickering buildings though. I've read about those issues with buildings and smaller objects. Is there any way to remove the flickering? After playing around with the antialiasing values nothing has changed. Could this be an issue with the texture hierarchy and interlacing images or is this a pure Z-Buffering trash problem? Any help appreciated! :) 

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It sounds like a Z Buffer thing

You can specify a polygon offset in objects, and i think ground polygons to tell the GPU where to draw the ground textures in relationship to each other. 

See the Obj8 spec here. Can't find one for .pol atm.


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Alright, I'm already trying to set up a texture hierarchy within the texture files. Doesn't seem to be working until now though :( I'll continue searching and report my results :)  

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