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The font used for the immat is "Amarillo USAF" you can find here: https://www.dafont.com/amarillo-usaf.font

Just drop the font file besides the reg.cfg

You can use your own font, you may have to configure the immat position in the Plugins > TBM 900 > Change Registration.

Don't hesitate if you find any glitches.

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I was surprised because it should be OK but I do realise that there is an issue apparently on the wings and door, but not everything is white.


Will check to understand where it comes from.

I just tried my other livery "Canada SAR" and I do not have the same issue. Could you please try this livery too ?

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4 hours ago, fabiosko said:

Hi Christophe,
I checked "Canada SAR" and it is OK.
Did you manage the find the error for this beautiful livery???
Can't wait for the corrected one... Thanks a lot indeed!

The issue comes from the LIT files that are not set in the Canada SAR version.

Quick hotfix:

  1. close XP if running
  2. do a backup of the livery
  3. into the "Fear The Bones/objects/" folder, remove the *_LIT.png files (you have 5 files to remove: Fuselage_Front_LIT.png, ...)

The feature that will disappear (during the night) are the night phosphorescent bands.

Will try to put them back properly soon.


Edited by Christophe
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