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  2. I am by no means insisting on any sort of priority service here. But you can at lest have a system of keeping me in the loop. Take your time, but keep the customer informed of the goings on at least.
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  4. There has been no reply on the ticket through official channels even after a week, no ticket number, just some acknowledgement that i had raised a complaint through some third party chat app. Hence I had to reach out for information, and pray tell how do I do that? Through your forum of course! There is no other way to reach you. What social media exposition, may I ask? I am just stating an issue, nothing else. There is no ticket section in the customer account area after signing in to check the status of the ticket. You yourself have said that the machine ids generated by my one computer belong to many different computers, thus insinuating that i am pirating/sharing the software hence I have in my defense stated that i am not a pirate, which i proudly state again. I have started just one forum thread. I wonder what other forum threads you are talking about. Just because I am one percent case, you will discriminate and ignore my issue? How is the problem of my own making? Your software constantly asked for my credentials on the same machine(which you seem to think i am lying about). Your software forced me to type FREEZE before all activations, deactivating the oldest instance of my machine before it activated the products. Which branch of mathematics are you talking about here? Maths has nothing to do with this. The problem may be isolated, but that doesn't mean it will be brushed aside. And it is certainly not of my own making.
  5. You are an isolated and statistically insignificant case. Bugs such as you claim to be experiencing do not happen in isolation with numbers totalling 1 user. The problem is of your own making and you insist that it's not. Mathematics says otherwise. There is no problem for me to resolve. You have created a problem of your own making and attempted to resolve it with a crude attempt at social media exposition. You were not accused of piracy yet you insisted that you were not a pirate in multiple threads. You filed a support ticket, where it instructs you to wait upto 3 days and automatically returns you a ticket ID. You then started multiple forum threads in an attempt to gain priority service. You then claimed that you do not have a ticket ID, which was sent to you automatically. You also sent multiple emails to the ticketing system creating further delay for yourself. This is a problem entirely isolated to you and of your own making.
  6. Really? Being sarcastic, condescending and brash. Nice customer support. Bravo. Degrading paying customers by treating them like children is not the way to function. All you have replied so far is that machine id is locked and state that all is lost. No request for any diagnostic files, which for any software such as yours must be generating.
  7. Litjan

    IXEG 737 CTD

    Good morning Russ, well, that is also a solution, of course - yet we will keep on our toes regarding this one and see if we can find out more. After all both of these products are sold at the same store and should really be working together... Thanks again for working through this with us and sorry for the trouble this gave you, Jan
  8. Hi Steve, yep, we had our share of woes with that folder and went from forgetting it in the installer to having it in the installer but not getting it installed to finally getting it installed, but without the "s"... So 1.32 will see another valiant attempt at getting it right! Sorry for the trouble this caused you! Cheers, Jan
  9. Jan, Disregard previous post, it appears the Gizmo Coroute/s issue is causing this. I added a "s" to coroute folder and all good now, FYI, the installer is omitting the "s" during installation. Sorry for any angst Steve
  10. Support@x-aviation.com No one on the forum can help.
  11. Thanks for the quick reply! I will do my best to find the culprit. Cheers Alex
  12. b1bmsgt

    IXEG 737 CTD

    I decided to go ahead and try X-Enviro in place of SkyMaxx, and it works fine. No CTD. I think I'm able to call this problem cured. Thanks for your help!! Russ
  13. Hello i have purchased the IXEG 737 on June 17 when i download it and try to activate it in my XP it says Machine ID issue i was wondering if anyone knows how to solve this problem thanks again
  14. Yesterday
  15. Both tasks worked fine prior to 1.31 update, I now get a window script error popup when I try to do either of these. I'm running XP11.50b14. Attached is XP log if that helps. Log.zip
  16. Ok, just switched to Beta, had to update my Nvidia drivers, ran it, and it's exactly the same problem. Pulsing with turn around, ok with cold and dark. Game looks much crisper, better colours and contrast and smoother. But doesn't resolve the problem. I'm just updated 20 mins ago and it's build 13. I'm sure your busy with 1.32, so concentrate on that I will try some things to see if I can get closer to solving this. Cheers
  17. After reinstalling and deactivating my virus scanner the problem is solved. Thanks a lot.
  18. For what its worth: 11.50 beta 14 was just released and runs pretty stable for almost everyone. And you can always roll back if it doesn´t work out for you. Cheers, Jan
  19. Put it on your to do list and get to it when you can. I can avoid it for the future no problem. Would be good to know though as it could pop up again for a larger number of users and be more problematic to fix. I think it's time to switch to Vulcan, good reason to do it. Might manage this evening, if not then tomorrow. Cheers
  20. @LKN, have you tried using the "force weather reload" menu item in SMP to sync up with ASXP's weather? If you have "never change visible weather" enabled in RWC, that might be necessary to pick up new conditions being published by ASXP.
  21. Ah, ok...yeah, that would be interesting to know if it changes this. I saw your thread in the scenery forum...we are pretty busy with getting 1.32 out of the door, but once that is done - if we don´t have a solution by then - I will get that scenery and try here. Cheers, Jan
  22. Oh, I run 11.41, never went beta. But was planning to make he switch soon.
  23. Uncheck the "Use Vulkan" in the graphics tab
  24. Eh..no. That used to be a thing a while ago , how do you switch to Open GL?
  25. It starts about 10nm out, 4nm away gets severe, even at 9000ft it's severe when overheard, and gets slowly better until at around 10nm it goes away.
  26. Hi Alex, this does "sound" weird! It seems that your computer does not stop to play a (some) sounds, I have never heard of that before. However - I would still ask you to apply the "standard troubleshooting protocol" found here: ...especially the part about (temporarily) removing all other plugins. Since your bug is so reproducible, this should give you quick results and I would like to hear what you find out. Cheers, Jan
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