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  3. - correct ADF frequency tuned ? - are you in range for this ADF transmitter ? (the range is poor for the ADF)
  4. This thread is now locked. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will anything to do with activations be handled on the forums.
  5. Processor upgrades have no effect on machine ID. Something else caused the issue and you decided to ignore it while being required to type FREEZE to move forward. I'm tired of this thread.
  6. I have the same problem. My Pc got lock yesterday. I did make som change to my PC, I did upgrade my prossesor. And due Autorisation I got the machine ID Lock. Did write an mail, no answer yet, but only 3 days since..Hope for response soon. I did not share anything with others..? Mogens Jørgensen
  7. There isn't an explicit way to choose the cruising altitude, there are many, many variables that need to be taken into account: Cruise performance with payload Winds-aloft Flight duration Density altitude/temperature Weather Just to name a few.
  8. We have the 1.2 update getting prepared to ship out that includes many improvements for the popup mode, hopefully this should be coming out any day now. In the interim, inside the acfConfig.cfg file in Baron B58/plugins/G5/settings, you can adjust g5_x_a, g5_y_a, g5_x_b, and g5_y_b such that the G5 won't render over existing gauges. (The update adds the ability to disable panel drawing and have a popup-only rendering mode.
  9. You are permitted to use your software on upto 3 machines at the same time. Due to software and hardware upgrades occasionally your machine ID may change. When it changes you are given the choice of which of your machines you wish to lock. You cannot lock the machine that you are currently using. This is to avoid accidental locks. You cannot unlock a machine because this would allow you to share software with your friends. Machine locks are permanent. No amount of forum posts on any site will change this policy. There are far more possible machine ID's than there are people on the planet. The mathematically probability of two machines sharing an ID is so low that it's practically impossible.
  10. I installed the G5 plugin, however I can not get it to display properly. I’m trying to use it with the X-Plane Laminar Research Baron 58. When the plugin is enabled, it seems to overlay portions of the G5 display in various places on the panel, including on top of the co-pilot altimeter, transponder, yoke clocks, annunciations panel, etc. The sidebar menu displays, and I can enable and disable the plugin. It's as if it's running but not displaying properly, and I can’t click it to pop it out. Not sure of it matters, but I'm using a Radeon RX590 with a Samsung C49HG9X monitor at 3840 X 1080 resolution.
  11. I don't really understand the meaning of this lock, why I bother to lock my machine. What is it for? Is there a way to unlock this lock again? If you lock yourself, why is there no way to unlock it yourself? I'm not telling a lie. I'm sure I locked it by mistake. I'm listening because I don't know what I'm doing. Can I never use "SkyMAXX Pro" again? It's sad.
  12. Last week
  13. Hi again. Thanks for the advice- resetting the preferences didn't make any difference so I tried using OpenGL instead of 'Metal" (Mac computer). With Metal I was getting 22 FPS inside and out; with open GL I got 33FPS inside the cockpit but an almost complete crash down to 4fps for the external views. Removing the Librain file usually helps with this on a Mac but not on this occasion. Don't know if that helps?
  14. That's interesting. Thanks for your feedback. I haven't seen it from this point of view. How would be the best approach to calculate an appropriate flight altitude? Thanks and kind regards Itchy2
  15. Great - thanks for helping out!
  16. It isn't that the achievable density altitude increases with decreased power, but vice versa. As you climb, since the engine isn't turbocharged, with altitude the engines produce less and less power, hence why only lower power %s are achievable at higher density altitudes. Power % does not equal throttle location.
  17. Hi all, on my last flight I had a real challenge to climp for 7000 ft (airplane was loaded by 80%). Finally I ended up with a very low climb rate and the airplane didn't "felt good" (high angle) and speed cruise speed was very low (2700 rpm --> about 100 knots). The wind was very calm (haven't noted the values, but nothing worse, just a few knots). I decided to familiar myself with the performance sheet, but I cannot get trough it. Questions: - Why is density altitude increased by decreased power? e.g. Power 75 %, 2400 rpm --> max density altitude 8000; Power 59 %, 2000 rpm max density altitude 14000 - Is the shown density altitude (after calculation) the max. possible altitude I can reach in the flight? Many thanks and KR Itchy2
  18. Hi all, I need your support in terms of NDB Navigation. My expectation was: I enter the frequency in the KR87 ADF, set it active and the needle on the left down gauge will move. But nothing happend. Did I oversee an important step? Kind regards Itchy2
  19. The popup windows are 1024x768 pixels, the height of the drawn G1000 is based upon the window width. Thus with this monitor configuration, the top of the G1000 is getting cut off with the width of that window. Making the window narrower on the monitor should fix the issue.
  20. I tried but the attacced file is the result I obtain. What I'm doing wrong?
  21. Here is the same file, the G1000 window should resize like any other window on your computer when popped out. g1000_nobezel.png.zip
  22. That's not how it works. Machines are locked from the customer's machine. Ip address does not affect or change your machine ID. Lying will not help you.
  23. There is one included in the package, under "LDJ". (Leen De Jager)
  24. I recently changed my internet provider. Naturally, the global IP address has changed. Then it was locked. You may have locked your machine before you knew it. I don't understand English, so I posted this sentence by Google translation. I think there are a lot of people who get locked up without knowing what they are doing in such anxiety. I haven't done anything wrong, it may have been a problem of my ignorance, but I'd like you to reply to an email.
  25. Hi, I bought this plane today. I can't resize the G1000 in my external monitor. I tried to download this file but it is no longer available. How can I solve? Thank you
  26. No, you can run 11.50 in OpenGL mode and the aircraft will still work (the aircraft just needs 11.50, it doesn't care whether OpenGL or Vulcan/Metal is used)
  27. The Terrain Profile is coming in version 1.1, which is now in a public beta. There is a form linked at the post here that can get you added to the next batch of users on the Public Beta:
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