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  1. Hello I just bought Ixeg 737 classic and installed xsaitekpanels and have a little problem. On Multi Panel every is ok but PITCH TRIM wheel doesn't work Could you help? Regards Chris
  2. Hi, I am new to this and also to Xplane plugin. I download the xsaitekpanels , dataref and Python plugin but lost on how to program the xsaitekpanels.ini. I have the radio and the Multipanel I end up to download the file from this contribution but the knob of altitude is stuck and I cannot turn it in the VC and neither in the Saitek MCP. Also the HDG CRS VS I can turn in the VC but not in the Multipanel. the trim wheel is not working For the radio the only one that it's not working properly is the QNH not synch by 1 units Can someone point me on how to program or tell me how to solve this glitch Thank you