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Found 15 results

  1. Bob Bobface

    A request / Rant

    Hello everyone. This post is mainly aimed at livery makers. I recently purchased the IXEG 737-300, and was at first pleased by the amount of liveries people have made for it. However, when I dug deeper I found that very few of my favorite liveries have actually been made. What frustrated me further was the amount of fictional liveries that were made. I may be alone in this opinion, but i have a flight sim for realism purposes, and it might just be me but flying in a plane with a fictional livery seems to just take something away from the whole experience. I appreciate that some fictional liveries are nice looking, and I also appreciate that it is difficult and time consuming to be a livery maker. However, an example of frustration when it come to fictional liveries is this: my two favorite Boeing 737-300 liveries are AirUK Leisure and Royal Mail (operated by Titan Airways). I appreciate that Air UK Leisure is a VERY obscure airline, so I can accept that nobody has make a livery for that. I will however include it as a request in the list below. But when I searched for a Royal Mail livery, the only one I could find was a fictional one based on Postman Pat. I almost laughed at this. It just seemed ridiculous to me. If you want to make a Royal Mail livery, especially if it is and continues to be the only one available for the IXEG 737, why ruin it by altering the aircraft registration to G-PAT1 or something like that, and "Operated by Titan Airways" to "Operated by special delivery service"? So that's my rant over, I'll now move onto something more constructive and list some liveries that is request. Requested liveries for the IXEG 737: Royal Mail operated by Titan Airways Air UK Leisure Thai Air Asia (There is already a livery for this, but in different colors to the ones I like. My request is for the livery with the mainly red fuselage and white vertical stabilizer). I'll attach an image. That's it! Thank you to anybody who has taken the time to read this, and a further thank you to any livery makers if they decide to take this on. Anyone is welcome to post anything in this discussion, even if you just want to let me know whether you agree of disagree with what I'm saying, or if you want to request some more obscure liveries. Finally, please excuse my user name. I don't like revealing my real name online.
  2. Steve

    Flying with Antares 20E

    Video flying with Antares 20E (by Aerobask)
  3. Flying over Huahine in a ViperJet LXR (Aircraft by Aerobask and scenery by xpfr.org) [
  4. Hi everyone, I am totally new on the X-plane world (and also in the Mac world) I downloaded couple of sceneries in order to improve X plane and read in different topics on internet that the order of the addons has to be changed (texture, mesh, scenery..). To do so, there is a need to open a file called "scenery_packs.ini", located in the "Custom Scenery" repertory. The problem is that I tried to open this .ini file with word, or "pages" but it doesn't work, I tried to find an application which can open that kind of extension in mac, and found one called "file into professional". I can open the page but only partially. No possibility to reorganise the order of the sceneries inside the file... If an X-Plane user in Mac knows how to open that file, I would be glad to have some help Thank you for your answers
  5. Cessna 177 Cardinal II (by Alabeo) landing in Maupiti
  6. Steve

    B1900D emergency in Alaska

    Beechcraft 1900D (by Carenado) emergency near Mount St Elias (Alaska) I hope you like it
  7. Steve

    Airshow at Lakeland Linder

    Hi, video simulating a small airshow at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport (KLAL) (Florida). Great freeware airport by Jan Vogel. I hope you like it
  8. Steve

    Best fighters

    My best fighters (freeware and payware) I hope you like
  9. Steve

    Air traffic at Tallinn Airport

    AirTraffic at Lennart Meri Tallinna lennujaam - Tallinn Airport (EETN) (Estonia)
  10. Steve

    Best aerobatics planes

    Best aerobatics planes for XP10 simulator I hope you like
  11. Steve

    Beechcraft 1900D First Flight

    First Flight with Beechcraft 1900D (by Carenado)
  12. Airshow at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood (KFLL) (airport by Butnaru) I hope you like
  13. Here you can see a ranking of best fighters to X-Plane 10... http://flightsworldwidevideos.com/2014/05/26/best-fighers/ What do you think is the best?
  14. Steve

    Best helicopters for X-Plane 10

    Best helicopters for X-Plane 10
  15. peterleroy

    hi, i'm a french private pilot !

    Hi ! I'm a french private pilot and don't know if my videos can help somebody here But if you want to help me and support my channel Thank's to my nearly 700 followers ! Sorry for my English ! I'm here to learn so if you want to say something bad or a critic i'm here for that ! http://www.youtube.com/user/ConfusionCM