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Found 54 results

  1. Hi IXEG experts, maybe you have an idea :-) Yesterday evening I made a flight from LGSK to EDDS, everything starts well. 20 miles before EDDS there was a snow storm but I catched ILS, still okay. But then the nose gear didn't went down, I tried it serveral times. before I was able to accerlate for a Go around the planes turns right over the wing and crashed. XP11 told me too much ice on the wings *grhh* First, I know I have to train the emergency procedures, haha. But, more important, are the anti-ice switches working in version 1.2? Or are they only for nice to have? Did someone made the same experiences? Thx
  2. On external model I am seeing the engine warning signs or labels floating as I pan around. Also appears the eyebrow windows are also. Other then that, great AC especially with the remote CDU now available from green arc studios.
  3. Today I tried (xp11.26) a default ground services pushback / nose left. Pushback was straight back without the nose left. Also the rotating beacons are flashing white rather than red.
  4. VasilisMaximos

    assigned throttle axes don't work

    After PC format that i have made, i have install everything. including Windows 8.1 C++ librarys, x-plane 11, and of course IXEG. Every button and axes from my setup working except the throttle axes. I have calibrate my joystick with x-plane 11 and the actual throttle axes work with all my other aircraft ecxept zibo. I have trying to uninstall and reinstall the Aircraft with the same issue. In the log.txt there is an error that says W/ACF_CONFIG: ACF Config data file for Aircraft/X-Aviation/IXEG 737 Classic/B733_config.txt is not valid! i don't know if that the problem... i have also trying to re assign the throttle axes to other axes in other joystick but nothing happens. Again every other axes and button works except the throttles. I have also trying to move the throttles with F2 - F1 buttons .... nothing!! PLEASE help me!!!... . Log.txt
  5. I'm attempting to install Version 1.21 on X-plane 11 and getting a missing component error message. See image below. Does anyone know what's wrong here?
  6. Jesusote

    Suddenly, FMC doesn't work

    Hello there! I've this amazing plane few weeks ago and I'am very happy with this. Today I've started x-plane and I've load the plane and FMC doesn't respond. Its starts with the FMC and ACMS options available. I click in FMC but it doesn't work. I've followed all the checklist procedure but It doesn't work. I've also reinitialized the x-plane three times but it doesn't work. I haven't installed any new addons. Please, could you help me?. Thanks a lot and regards!!
  7. ReinBijlsma

    Can't rotate knobs anymore

    After installing the v1.2 version in x-plane 11 I can't rotate many knobs, like altitude, anymore. I can see the bend arrows sometimes when hovering over the knobs or according digits, but nothing happens whatever I try. I tried switching from windowed mode to full screen mode without results, reinstalled the plane, still nothing. I'm running X-plane on a 4K monitor with 3840x 2160 setting. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Ernest Magawa

    IXEG 737-300 Bell NOISE

    I have a BUG or an issue with IXEG 737-300. Upon starting battery loud bell noise started ringing. The noise increases when I am on outside view. I tried googling the problem but I never found the solution. As a result the plane don't taxi fast (very slow motion) even on full throttle. Upon taking off the plane crashes before reaching 10,000 feet. Please, I need help in resolving this issue . Thank you. Name of product(s) - Put N/A for none: IXEG 737 Classic
  9. Hi there, I have been able to see textures through the model of the aircraft when on the outside view. I am using XPlane 11.25r2 Attached are some screenshots to better describe the issue.
  10. To the ixeg team, the fps seems to fluctuate, now this is happening in a new windows and x plane installation. This fluctuation is extremely fast and it required me to use the camera in slow motion mode to get the numbers. It’s constantly cycling between 43 to 36 FPS . This causes a stutter like experience. Can you help me with a fix, it’s really annoying. A2F4629B-7A8A-4408-93F6-F7D72FDFD818.MOV
  11. WARGUELLO5113

    ILS approach not working

    Hello, I noticed on a flight to KBOS from KATL that I was not able to intercept the localizer. The airport is by MisterX and confirmed it does work in xplane 11 with other aircraft. When lining up to runway 22L, I have freq 110.3 and a course heading of 216 degrees entered. I hit the LOC button but the aircraft will not establish itself on the localizer. I've attempted to enter at 3,000, 2,500, and 1,700 feet but still not avail. Im running latest xplane version and latest 1.2 IXEG 733
  12. When I am in the cockpit view the default zoom view is fine (70 or 80), but when I press "C" to go to the external view, then "W" to go back to the cockpit view, my field of view is reset again back to a small value which I find uncomfortable (about 60), I have only noticed this in the IXEG.
  13. My X-Plane is crashing during the flights, I am can't finish them. I bought the aircraft for study purpose and I'm really trying hard to pass over its limitations, and enjoy it, but it's being a hard task. Could someone help? Log.txt
  14. JulFlyer

    IXEG 737 - Exec Problem

    Good day, I have following problem: always, when I change something in the IXEG 737's FMC, which isn't executed yet, my FPS drop and I'my not able for many seconds to press EXEC. It's okay for one fix change, but without pausing the sim (yes, your're able to click EXEC and stop the problem in pause mode), your're not able to change a complex STAR in the DEP/ARR page (not shown in the video), which makes this so perfect plane unflyable on IVAO. For this test I removed all plugins. Kind regards Julius
  15. intj mastermind

    Engine starters do not disengage

    I'm having an issue with the engine starters with IXEG v1.2 and XP 11.11 final. When in the process of starting the engines, I turn an engine starter (both engines have the same problem) to GRD, N2 spins up, I introduce fuel at the appropriate time, and the engine starts up. However, the starter does not automatically disengage once N2 hits the appropriate threshold. The "Starter Valve Open" light remains on, and the physical switch on the overhead panel stays on GRD position, and N2 spins up to the mid 70s. I can manually turn off the starter switch, N2 returns to idle, and there's no issues after that. This problem occurs with both pulling the switch with the mouse, as well as triggering the X-Plane command "Engage starter #1 / #2" with the keyboard or a joystick button. I've only started using the IXEG 733 with XP 11.11 so I'm not sure if the problem existed in earlier versions. The last time I flew it was with XP 10.51 and this problem did not exist.
  16. I just purchased the IXEG yesterday and I couldn't help but notice issues with the cockpit textures and stickers on the engines showing through the fuselage, I've seen this issue in multiple liveries. Is there a fix for this?
  17. hi @Litjan, thx for the Update but i have now really really Bad FPS with this update. before evrytime over 40 - 60 and now 20 to 37 FPS tats really hard. so you can give me the Version before. the Plane is really Unflyable by complex Airports! Thx Motherboard: CPU Typ HexaCore Intel Core i7 8700k, 4700 MHz (47 x 100) Motherboard Name Asus Z370-F Gaming Motherboard Chipsatz Intel Union Point Z370, Intel Coffee Lake-S Arbeitsspeicher 24512 MB (DDR4 SDRAM) DIMM1: Kingston HyperX KHX2133C14D4/4G 4 GB DDR4-2133 DDR4 SDRAM (16-14-14-35 @ 1067 MHz) (15-14-14-35 @ 1067 MHz) (14-14-14-35 @ 1067 MHz) (13-13-13-33 @ 1000 MHz) (12-12-12-31 @ 923 MHz) (11-11-11-28 @ 846 MHz) (9-9-9-23 @ 692 MHz) DIMM2: Kingston HyperX KHX2133C14/8G 8 GB DDR4-2133 DDR4 SDRAM (16-14-14-35 @ 1066 MHz) (15-14-14-35 @ 1066 MHz) (14-14-14-35 @ 1066 MHz) (13-13-13-33 @ 991 MHz) (12-12-12-30 @ 914 MHz) (11-11-11-28 @ 838 MHz) (9-9-9-23 @ 686 MHz) DIMM3: Kingston HyperX KHX2133C14D4/4G 4 GB DDR4-2133 DDR4 SDRAM (16-14-14-35 @ 1067 MHz) (15-14-14-35 @ 1067 MHz) (14-14-14-35 @ 1067 MHz) (13-13-13-33 @ 1000 MHz) (12-12-12-31 @ 923 MHz) (11-11-11-28 @ 846 MHz) (9-9-9-23 @ 692 MHz) DIMM4: Kingston HyperX KHX2133C14/8G 8 GB DDR4-2133 DDR4 SDRAM (16-14-14-35 @ 1066 MHz) (15-14-14-35 @ 1066 MHz) (14-14-14-35 @ 1066 MHz) (13-13-13-33 @ 991 MHz) (12-12-12-30 @ 914 MHz) (11-11-11-28 @ 838 MHz) (9-9-9-23 @ 686 MHz) BIOS Typ AMI (12/01/2017) Anschlüsse (COM und LPT) Kommunikationsanschluss (COM1) Anzeige: Grafikkarte GeForce GTX 1080 (8 GB) 3D-Beschleuniger nVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Monitor LG UltraWide (270249352) Monitor Samsung SyncMaster S24D390 [24" LCD] (2505808662329) Monitor Samsung SyncMaster S24D390 [24" LCD] (2519808662329) Multimedia: Soundkarte nVIDIA HDMI/DP @ nVIDIA GP104 - High Definition Audio Controller Soundkarte Realtek ALC S1220A @ Intel Union Point PCH - High Definition Audio Controller (Audio, Voice, Speech) Datenträger: IDE Controller Standardmäßiger SATA AHCI- Controller Massenspeicher Controller Microsoft-Controller für Speicherplätze Festplatte PNY CS1311 480GB SSD (480 GB, SATA-III) Festplatte SanDisk SDSSDP256G (256 GB, SATA-III) Festplatte ST3000DM001-1CH166 (3 TB, 7200 RPM, SATA-III) Festplatte WDC WD10EARX-00N0YB0 (1 TB, SATA-III) S.M.A.R.T. Festplatten-Status OK Partitionen: C: (NTFS) 237.9 GB (129.2 GB frei) D: (NTFS) 931.5 GB (923.2 GB frei) E: (NTFS) 447.1 GB (110.5 GB frei) F: (NTFS) 2794.4 GB (45.1 GB frei) Speicherkapazität 4410.9 GB (1207.9 GB frei) Eingabegeräte: Tastatur HID-Tastatur Tastatur HID-Tastatur Tastatur HID-Tastatur Maus HID-konforme Maus Maus HID-konforme Maus Game Controller Microsoft PC-joystick driver Game Controller Microsoft PC-joystick driver Netzwerk: Primäre IP-Adresse Primäre MAC-Adresse 2C-FD-A1-71-65-2E Netzwerkkarte Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (2) I219-V (
  18. Using X-plane/IXEG 737 on my win 10 laptop and cant get the preference options to show, they work fine in my PC Desktop application. Anyone have similar issue/fix Steve
  19. ChrisU85

    N1 logic startup

    I found an important Bug on the 737 Startup procedure, the N1 are to slow on Startup must be on N2 @25% - 27% N1 between 2,9%-3,1% . and the enigne start Switch to fast to off normaly @14-15% N1 . hope this help best regards
  20. jaromea

    ixeg-737v1.2 flight idle

    prior to touch down (retard) I manualy moved the throttles to full off plus switches like AUTO Throttle off-- FD off -- Autopilot Off - but the throttle just moves up to 70% N1 and refuses the Landing in as much the crash is programed. Does that each and every time. Last airport was EHAM Rwy 27 and the ILS Freq. 111.55/267 deg. dialed in but not present on the main display.
  21. Hi, I have version 1.21. Each time I load up the plane I get loud buzzer sound that stops when I either connect to ground power or start APU. Is there a way to get rid of this? Tom
  22. Dear IXEG First i respect your hard work and love it realy more then my Wife First thing is the missing Pitot on the tail Second the APU inlet is on the wrong Position must be a bit deeper ... something is worng with the winglets are too Long nut sure or fat.. on the Classic is only 2,10m high I have an bug in the VC side window (only with Clouds ...) Best regards
  23. Hello, Sorry if this has been asked before, I have searched the forum about this, but without luck so far. I have a question about how taxi and runway turnoff lights work together. With taxi light OFF: - If I turn one runway turnoff light on (left or right), then it illuminates the side of the aircraft as I expect it to do. - If I turn both runway turnoff lights on, then it doesn't illuminate any side anymore, but it seems like the taxi light is turned on instead. With taxi light ON: - If I turn one runway turnoff light on (left or right), then it turns taxi light off and illuminates only the side of the aircraft. - If I turn both runway turnoff lights on, then it doesn't illuminate any side but it seems like only the taxi light is turned on. Is this normal behaviour? Could someone explain me how I should use these lights together, or maybe they are not meant to be use at the same time? I use the last version of IXEG and Gizmo.. PS: I can also see that only one wing (left) is illuminated when I turn the wing light on, so maybe there is something wrong on my computer only. Thanks in advance. Cheers Sylvain
  24. BjornMa

    Barely moving

    Hi So I updated to 1.21, and noticed that I need more thrust than usual to get her to move. As much as 42% N2 was needed to just keep her moving at steady speed (slightly uphill) in the image attatched. Airport is ENBR (Also, does the "older" engine switch between 1 and 2? Really slow respons from the left engine this flight, while another day it was the right engine)
  25. BlueNose

    FMC-Freezing Bug

    This is a pretty big one. During a brief flight KEYW-MWCR, shortly after reaching T/D, I looked at the FMC to insert an arrival (GORAN3, VOR approach rwy 08). The FMC would not react in any way to any button I pushed (page selection, prev/next, keyboard). It was on the LEGS page at the time and showing direct TADPO, which I had selected straight after takeoff. I tried changing the map range and it switched to showing me almost on top of UCL, way past the south coast of Cuba and 15 minutes past TADPO. At the same time the FMC switched to the DEP/ARR page, which I had tried to select previously. Basically what I figured out was that the PFD, MFD, and FMC were all completely frozen, and only updated once I touched something on the MFD control panel. This could be the range, mode, brightness... anything that makes the little MFD pop up in the bottom left hand corner of the screen would update the PDF, MFD, and FMC. All the background processes were working though: the aircraft followed the route, descended at the correct point, decelerated at 10,000 feet, etc. I was able to input an arrival by pressing one key at a time and updating the FMC by changing the map range every time. At some point I noticed that if I kept holding the range selector (or brightness selector or any other MFD control) with the cursor to keep the popup map up, that would actually move and show everything properly. Basically I used a combination of standby instruments (as the PFD was also frozen), VOR DME and a visual approach to land at MWCR. I'm on mac, so it can't be anything to do with that Windows Defender problem. After closing x-plane I checked the log.txt, and beginning at around 48 minutes into the session (the flight took 58 minutes, so the whole session was probably around an hour and a half as I spent some time on the ground at KEYW before taking off) there are a few hundred lines of 'no such error' readouts produced by the JAR Design ground handling plugin. These continue until the end of the session. There is nothing else in the log.txt after the first 'no such error' message appears except for hundreds of lines of the same thing. This was fine due to the short nature of the flight, but I can predict that on longer flights such a freeze of the PFD, MFD, and FMC would make continuing the flight very difficult. If this was somehow caused by ground handling, that's a pretty big deal, as its highly likely that people using the 733 also have that plugin installed.