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  1. By entering in Replay mode and putting the flight to pause, I realized that the clouds continue to move and when there is a strong wind it is even more visible. You may ask yourself why is it a problem. Well, when I capture a flight using a video screen capturing tool at slow motion because XP can't play everything at normal speed (later I accelerate the footage in the final video), the clouds move super fast while the plane is at normal speed.
  2. I have a dream.

    Moin, happy happy xmas and a healthy, peaceful and successful 2017 everybody! May your dreams come true! When I dream about the 733 the FOV is reset after unloading the plane to the settings I had before loading it, and the replay is working as flawless as in most other planes (changing to outside view, thereafter switching to cockpit and so on – without messing it all up). Let the magic continue, dear IXEG. Bassy regards Benjamin
  3. Flap handle anomaly after replay

    Hi, this is one of those "funnies" where I just happened to come across this by pure accident... or out of stupidity. I can get the flap handle to "dislodge" from the detents and then I can do 360 degree loops with the handle... To reproduce do the following: Load the IXEG in "Ready to fly" state. Set flaps to 40 degrees. Press Alt-R to enter replay mode. Now press 1 to move flaps to 30 degrees. Now press 2 twice. You will hear the clicks but the handle won't move in replay mode. Now exit replay mode by pressing Alt-R again. You will notice the handle will move one detent past the 40 degrees position. Now you can keep on pressing 2 and the handle will rotate all the way around. If you keep it in the normal range for a while you will hear another click after which normal operation might return, if you're lucky... otherwise a Gizmo reboot is the only solution. The same applies in reverse... Flap handle at 0 degrees... go into replay mode... press 2 and then 1 twice and exit replay mode. Handle will now move one notch lower than 0 degrees. You get the idea... The reverse method also produces a Gizmo soft crash when you try to move the handle further away by pressing 1. After this a Gizmo reboot won't even work... you will have to reload the aircraft from the X-Plane menu. So what I'm trying to say here is... don't do it. Just thought I'd mention it. GizmoLog.txt