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  1. Hi I purchased XP11 & ixeg several days ago and really happy with it (after being devoted fan of PMDG B737NG on FSX). It is a very fluid, immersive and realistic simulation of B737CL, on par with PMDG, if not beyond. However, there is a number of bugs which I discovered having completed about 10 flights so far: 1. While on ground, unable to enter CRZ speed in FMC (e.g. "0.7", "0.72", etc.), "not allowed (or so)" message prompts, this is however possible when airborne; 2. Unable to enter DES speed and speed restriction in FMC, although EXEC prompts, fields remain blank; 3. ANP value not given (0.0); 4. Climb de-rate (apparently) not removed gradually to full CLB while climbing to cruise flight level; 5. By switching seatbelts off at night time cockpit becomes lit with light (dome light apparently); 6. On takeoff, after rotation, "glideslope" aural message plays (I always set NAV1 prior departure to ILS for emerg return, as per SOP); 7. Autobrake either does not perform at all or performs insufficiently for the selected position (I DO arm spoilers on approach with the appropriate light illuminated, and there is no "disarmed" light upon rollout); Please, consider allowing entry of raw coordinates and/or radial-distance waypoint in FMC. This is a pretty crucial thing, I couldn't believe at first it was still not implemented, as it is such a basic thing to have. In general, FMC needs significant further development and refinement. VNAV issues, HOLD page, inhibition of DME-VOR-GPS, custom waypoints, fuel predictions, supplementary pages & functions, etc. It would be also nice if you could specify what exact FMC software version you replicated (U5.0, etc.). Own failure model would be nice too (I'm aware about that small LUA script). Other systems, designs, dynamics, performance (especially fuel burn) are spot on! Thank you!
  2. ETO over next WPT

    Hello. It seems that the ETO over next WPT on the upper right corner of the ND is not calculated correctly. E.g.: as on a flight today, distance to next WPT was 64NM with GS of 432. Makes a total time of 9 Minutes. The ETO shown on the ND was however 13 Minutes to go from actual time, so a gross error of +4 Minutes. On another leg, the Distance to the next WPT was 251NM at a GS of 431. Makes a total time 35 Minutes. When 251NM from next waypoint the ETO on the ND differed by +22 Minutes from the actual Legtime... Anyone else experiencing this? Edit: when approaching the next WPT, ETO on ND is subsequently updated and is finally down to the correct value when overfyling the WPT. Best regards