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  1. Captains, X-Aviation and IXEG are pleased to provide you a free update to version 1.0.7 of the IXEG 737 Classic! Typically we don't make a habit of doing updates like this back to back, but due to an accidental transmission of slightly out of date files from the IXEG team to X-Aviation we are having to issue this "emergency" 1.0.7 HotFix. We do apologize for any inconvenience! Just like with our previous update, we will use the HotFix upgrade system here. Rather than going and re-downloading an entire aircraft package, or having to go through a full re-install process, we will be offering more immediate code changes through this delivery method. In short, it's quick, easy, and kind of fun! Please read below how to install this update! Version 1.0.6 was released yesterday and was pretty important. 1.0.7 retains everything 1.0.6 had in it, so no need to obtain 1.0.6 if you didn't previously apply the HotFix ID for it! But first, here's what's in it... Version 1.0.7 introduces the following fixes: Fix to "climb page soft crash" Fix to some DCT points disappearing on RTE page Fix to VNAV profiles going over the mach switchover altitude, where you would get UNABLE cruise message To upgrade your aircraft to version 1.0.7 please follow the below steps: Open X-Plane and the 737 Classic as your aircraft In the X-Plane menu bar at top, select Plugins > Gizmo64 > Windows > HotFix You will be asked to enter in your HotFix ID. Copy and paste in the following: e93aecd6f410a55e29965a43e2774142 Click 'Update' Once it has downloaded and installed, click 'Reboot' and you'll be done! Thank you for all of your support! Blue Skies, X-Aviation