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  1. Hello I made this LUA-script for randomly enable the built-in IXEG failures. The script enables the built-in IXEG failures + engine fire, engine failure and oil pumps. Have your QRH ready. Available failures by IXEG. The script activates when your GroundSpeed is higher then 40 knots. Settings: (edit the IXEG_Failures.lua) -- Here you set if the failures should be default enabled or disabled when your starting up X-Plane. -- Set true to enable failures, false to disable. Default is true. true and false have to be written with lowercase letters. EnableFailures_WizVar = true -- Mean time between failures (MTBF) is the predicted elapsed time between inherent failures of a system during operation. -- Default is MTBF_hours = 10.0. See further down for of a example of MTBF set to 10 hours. MTBF_hours = 10.0 -- Max simultaneous failures pr session -- Default is Max_Failures = 2 -- The highest numbers of failures is 27 -- setting above this can crash x-plane Max_Failures = 2 -- Set the level of failures you want. -- 1 = Minor failures, 2 = Minor and Major failures, 3 Minor, Major and Critical failures. FailureSeverity = 3 How to enable or disable failures (for the session) with FlywithLua menu. MTBF: This graph shows a example how often you can expect a failure when you set the MTBF to 10 hours. Requirement: - You need FlyWithLua installed - XP10: - Tested on X-Plane 11 with Windows 10. Installation: - Simply place the script in [X-Plane]\Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts Logging: Every failure is logged. You can find the logfile in your X-Plane root folder. The logfile is called IXEG_Failures.log Here is a sample of the logfile. Known bugs/limitations: - None. But please report if you find one Changelog: 0.111 - Changed the "Chance of failure" to a MTBF logic. - Added a new setting, Failure Severity. 1 = Minor failures, 2 = Minor and Major failures, 3 Minor, Major and Critical failures. 0.110 - Made variables and datarefs unique to avoide conflict with other lua scripts. - You can now enable or disable the script with FlyWithLua menu. 0.109 - You can now only get one type of hydraulic leak pr system. Example: You cannot get a fast leak and then a slow leak on system A. - You can now only get one type of failure pr engine. Failures available is engine fire or engine failure. - Bug fix: The same failure will not be triggered twice. You can download the script here: