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  1. Hi guys, I had a crash to desktop today on a flight from LDZD to EDDM, short before turning to final approach. I don't need to mention that this is especially frustrating because you cannot save the flight situation with this otherwise wonderful plane. I don't know who is the culprit, X-Plane, xEnviro or the IXEG 737. If it's xEnviro or x-plane then it would be the first time that these programs crash. Suspicious is that at the exact time xEnviro begins downloading the weather the crash occures (see logfile, last entry). Could be by chance? However, being able to reload the situation and finish the flight would be a wonderful thing. Logfiles: attached XP-Version: 11.02r2 (build 110202 64-bit) IXEG 737 Version: 1.2 (for xp11) Tom
  2. CTD while on the approach

    approaching KEWR (newark), Final RW11, CTD (not triggered by a personal input) GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  3. Hello, I have just upgraded from SMP v2.0 to SMP v2.1. Although v2.0 was working well, as soon as I upgraded I cannot start X-Plane since it crashed to desktop. I tried a full uninstall of SMP v2.1 and update of X-Plane to revert to original textures. X-Plane started fine. Then I re-installed SMP v2.1 and CTD again (at startup). Attached is the log.txt in case it is needed. UPDATE: Now the log should be attached Log.txt Thanks, Lefteris
  4. First off, let me set congrats on SkyMaxx Pro - I can't use X-plane without it. But now I am experiencing repeated CTD while flying the FF757 with Skymaxx 1.2 installed. Log.txt attached which shows there's an issue with SilverLining. Please help.