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Found 19 results

  1. Hello folks, I just noticed in v 1.21 datarefs for the brakes have no effect - This used to work on previous version. I'm trying to use sim/cockpit2/controls/left_brake_ratio and sim/cockpit2/controls/right_brake_ratio and, as soon as I set them to '1', they move back to 0. However, if I use the command to brake, or a joystick axis,I see the plane braking and datarefs changing to 1. Is there another dataref to activate brakes? Thanks,
  2. Torbjoern

    Gets me every time...

    Hope you all are having an awesome sim-Sunday? After spending countless hours flying the the A320, 727, 767, 737 (NG and the -200), It's always a pleasure coming back to the IXEG Classic. I can't put my finger on it, but there is something special about the wear and tear of this cockpit. The quality of the textures and the "feel" of this particular flight model still is something that I use as a benchmark for all other developers. Even to this day, I'm still surprised how good this looks. So, after a hiatus from these forums, I just wanted to come back and say thanks Here from the excellent PAJN from MisterX. Cold and dark. Can't wait for those cathode ray's to awake the good old Amiga-memories when I power them up.
  3. Dennis Ayers

    Antonov 225

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone wanted to take on the challenge of making a photo realistic 3D cockpit for the Antonov 225 (World's Largest Aircraft)? I am willing to buy it at a reasonable price point. There is a great free version,(AN225)but the 3d cockpit is very poor. Looks like it was designed by MineCraft. I am positive people would be interested in the World's Largest Aircraft! Especially the iconic AN225 !!! If you are interested or know of someone I could contact to ask for this design build please let me know!
  4. fsedano

    On screen menus

    Hello, For us having a home cockpit, the on-screen menu is a pain. I personally have a 3 projector setup and no keyboard or mouse attached to the computer running x-plane. Sometimes I have to spend the flight with the menu on screen. I use VNC to access the computer if needed, and *sometimes* I manage to close it. Would it be possible to have a way to remove it? (via dataref, or any other means). Thanks!
  5. love the product immensely It would be nice if you could click on the FMC and open it. Thanks Pete
  6. AlesCCZ

    Reflection displays

    Hi folks, I found a screenshot from the IXEG 737 cockpit. There's amazing reflection on the displays. I've seen some older videos with cockpit reflections. My cockpit does not have it. Is this a bug in X-Plane 11? It's a minor problem, but I'm interested in it. The left side is my screenshot.
  7. Hi colleagues! I've got an idea to create a common topic regarding visual model of cockpit and cabin interior. Various questions and remarks can be jointed in one topic. And while we have no major updates I'd like to discuss some minor items. From my side a have a question regrding speed placard above the windshield. Is it Vref speeds placard? Reading the training manual I have got that there should be a Vref speeds placard somewhere in the cockpit. This placard shows maximal speeds which can not be exceeded considering headwing and gust component on landing. But I feel the placard we have in the IXEG model is just a Vref speeds placard without wind correction. Thus my questions are: a) am I right? b ) if I am right where can I get maximal possible Vref speed values? c) if I am not right could someone explain this subject a little more detailed?
  8. Hey guys, I've recently come along a small "bug", not sure i can even call it that. Either way the problem is that there seams to be a rather noticeable amount of clipping with the copilots window, although it doesn't seam to happen at night (images are provided). I don't know if this is something to do with my graphics settings or a bug that can be swiftly fixed. I know this has almost no urgency, but i thought i would get this out there to see if others are experiencing the same problem. -my regards and best of luck AV
  9. AidoTato

    Analog Cockpit?

    So, earlier, I got off of an old Southwest 737-300 on a passenger flight, and I noticed the plane had all analog gauges and instruments in the cockpit - no glass displays at all. So this makes me wonder: will you include an analog cockpit at all for this wonderful plane? If so, when do you plan to?
  10. Paterpilar


    Hello, i've just found an old school style excellent vidéo. This video was made with an 737-36NSF with 22 days old, the G-IGOM. In cruise the pilot explain a lot of parts in cockpit of this beautiful bird. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8u7-FOan5Wk Pat.
  11. tomcat357

    Cockpit Update

    I've added a third computer to my pit and some new monitors but I cannot find the cockpit forum, if someone can find it and move this, that would be great. Cockpit now has 3 computers, 1 hack for master, 2 PCs as slaves, the 3rd bolted under the desk. A chair out of an old dodge with a 300 watt subwoofer sealed in the base, a mac mini for XHSI, and an iPad for various view commands. All the buttons and the Saitek Panels are programmed with ControllerMate software, and all planes have they own .xjm file with appropriate dateref for each command, so all buttons, switches and axis are the same across all aircraft. Makes X-Plane hard to walk away from..
  12. Hi! While my 787 is working rather well in V9, however when I open the plane in V10, there's a strange issue. The cockpit instruments are semi-transparent during the day and become opaque and properly visible at night. Can anyone help me diagnose this issue? I've already tried checking the light attributes in blender and trying the part transparency in plane maker but none of them seem to fix the issue. If anyone can help me out, that'd be great I attached images of the parts as they appear day and night
  13. hal100

    No Cockpit on Loading!!

    Hi I am new to x plane 10 and am enjoying it to a certain degree. I have downloaded some aircraft and scenery which I think are really, really good and I am really grateful that there are folk who spend their time creating these addons. However, I have an annoying problem. When an aircraft is set down at the airport I sometimes find myself outside the craft and not in the cockpit. I have tried the different views but to no avail, I just cant get inside the aircraft. Sometimes all i see is the window area, but it looks as if it is separate from the rest of the plane. I have done a view to see if the plane is actually there, and it is, but I simply cant get inside it. Can anyone help me please as this is driving me nuts. It doesn't just happen with the addons, but also the aircraft that came on the x plane 10 disc. So far the Cessna has been ok. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hello, I've been wondering this for a while. So, how to describe what I mean. Well in x-plane say you have your 3d cockpit in a passenger jet. You are the pilot so set your head view position to be in the pilots seat on the left of the aircraft. In the real world when you line up the centre of the aircraft with the centre line of the runway you see that line as being to your right slightly. In x-plane, no matter where your view is positioned if the plane is lined up in the centre of the runway, the centre line appears in the middle of the screen. This is obviously not correct especially for larger aircraft. Is there any way, or plug-in to make that view appear as it should? Hope you can understand what I mean? Thanks Andy
  15. sky10

    2D Cockpit views

    I'm having some trouble figuring out how to change the view angle with 2D cockpits. I know how to add side panels, but on some aircraft the side angle views appear to be pointing down towards the tarmac, instead of representing a normal view. Is there somewhere in PlaneMaker or some other way I can change the angle of view? Any help would be much appreciated!
  16. Michael_Chang

    Creating Cockpit lights

    Hey everyone, as you know, I have a 787 project that is about 60% done right now. However, while planning for the future of the project, I arrived at a snag in terms of design. The 787 has many lights in various positions (one on either side of the OH, the glare shield, floods, etc...) and many of them overlap in a few places. My question is, what is the best way to render out these multiple light levels without having to create more objects? Thanks ~Michael~
  17. JazAero

    Panel Confusion and 3D cockpits

    I would appreciate if anyone could help me I have a spectacular model of an A4 Skyhawk in various configurations. It has been over a year in the making. I can create just about anything in 3-D and I can animate just about anything in AC 3-D. But here's my quandary my cockpit is a true 3-D cockpit with steam gauges driven by data refs, and have no problems so far. The issue is when I tried to map one of the digital displays such as a radar I run into the cannot have multiple textures in a single object error in AC 3-D even though as I understand it the cockpit can have two textures. This is the only area that I lack expertise in. I have been doing this for many many years but only for myself I would like to offer this A4 Skyhawk as a payware project because I feel it is that good and worthy of the time spent. I cannot use blender and I do not wish to relearn when I've invested so much time in 3-DS Max and AC 3-D. My Facebook page is Jazaero and I have many screenshots posted their and on Laminars Facebook page. I have a background in aviation as a jet engine mechanic I actually worked on A4 Skyhawk's F-4 phantoms in jet school and E2C Hawkeyes In the Navy, I'm also a private pilot (no longer current) and a radio control modeler of over 45 years I also have 30 years of computer background. Excuse me for posting what amounts to a resume but I just wanted to let you guys know I'm not some kid looking for a free handout. I cannot afford to pay a programmer as I am retired. I am willing to offer a percentage of sales to the right programmer/cockpit designer. This aircraft has some unique features such as a fully modeled scale operating jet engine, internal structures, correctly animated leading-edge slats all hydraulics, and landing gear animations, basically if it moves on the jet it moves on the model, and all done without a single line of custom code, the model itself is high poly count meant for use on high-end systems. But is designed also in a modular fashion so if you wanted to run it on aa less capable system you would simply omit some of the eye candy from inside the planemaker menu. We've gone to great lengths to make sure it flies like the real thing. (Any A4 pilots out there? Would like to take it for a spin and offer feedback?) Thank you for allowing me to post this long-winded plea for help. JazAero
  18. Mr.T


    Hi, I recently installed the 1.2 update, and the cockpit textures seem to get pretty pixelated, and the on the overhead panel the lights don`t show. I have no clue whats going on. Thanks Tyson
  19. ClodSlayer

    Cockpit building question

    Is there any way to flip an instrument around and/or rotate it? for those of you who need visual, if this: { is the the instrument, how can i get it like this: } o, and can you even have 2 EFIS cameras in the cockpit at the same time, or will that just screw up the system? thanks!-clod 875]