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Found 10 results

  1. jfjoubert

    [XP10]RTE Page

    Hi, I stumbled upon some "weird" behaviour on the RTE page (1 and 2) which can result in a Gizmo soft crash. To reproduce soft crash: Load IXEG 737 in Ready To Fly. Select RTE page (1/2 or 2/2... it happens on both pages). Enter any text into the scratchpad and line select 6L. Gizmo crash... see attached GizmoLog.txt. What's interesting about this is if you now have a look in your IXEG coroutes folder you will find a file called "text you've entered above".fpl. If you already had a route file in this folder, let's say EGLLEHAM.fpl and you entered "EGLLEHAM" as the text in the scratchpad, then this file will be overwritten. Now if you don't type anything into the scratchpad and you LSK6L then you will be prompted "ENTER FILENAME" in the scratchpad. Also, if you LSK6R on this page then it will take you to Page 2/2. Is this behaviour intended? Just though I'd share this. Jean. GizmoLog.txt
  2. After an approach at KSFO on R28R, I executed a G/A and flew the std M/A procedure. (climbing to 3000ft to the holding). I tried to setup a new approach and the CDU froze with an error report. Something to do with the fact that the remaining distance is nil or less. See attached screenshot. My system: iMac, X-plane 10.51
  3. Question to the devs: I'm struggling to determine the text format when reading the CDU line datarefs for the IXEG 737. It seems as though highlighted (reversed) text is indicated with an ampersand (&) or multiple ampersands. Input fields (square blocks) are indicated as a hash (#). I'm also getting a diamond with a question mark (�) character which I assume indicates that the text should be displayed in a smaller size font. However, these diamonds are not consistent, especially on detailed lines where the pilot can change speed/altitude constraints on the LEGS page. If you change the default speed and or altitude (small font) to a pilot selected one then the text should be displayed in a larger font, but there is no indication from the data returned from the Dataref to this effect. Could someone from the development team perhaps assist me with this? Thanks.
  4. Hi, What is the dataref for the CLR key on the IXEG CDU's? Thanks
  5. jfjoubert

    Missing dataref on CDU

    I'm busy developing an Android app to control the CDU over the network and I can't find the dataref for the CLR key on either of the CDU's in the IXEG 737. DataRefTool is picking up all the other datarefs, but nothing for the CLR key. Thanks Edit: I got this all working by using the commands for the CLR key... I didn't realise that the ExtPlane plugin can also issue commands to X-Plane.
  6. Hi. I can go to the fix page and add relative positions that then can be loaded to the scratchpad in the proper format: I mean, for instance, IZA300.0/010.0 which would be a waypoint 10 miles from fix IZA, along its 300 radial. But I can't find a way to upload the waypoint to my route. I'm wondering if that is simulated at all, or if I'm being plainly clumsy. I'm getting very, very fond of this magnificent plane, by the way.
  7. glasscockpits

    flight plan glitch

    I have attached a pic of the missed approach routing runway 31R at KJFK. Flight plan was KILM ILM ORF J121 SIE KJFK. Arrival into KJFK was CAMRN4. Navdata is latest Navigraph 1606. The hold requires to climb runway heading then left turn to CRI at 2000 then onto COL at 4000 and hold. thanks Michel
  8. First of all let me just say, wow... what a great simulation is this! For starters, the look and feel of the 737 has been captured to an unbelievable extent.. Makes me feel right at home. Then there's the depth of system simulation, that makes me want to experiment with the plane in such a way that it's rather fortunate that this is a sim! I have been out of computer sims for a long time and I re-installed X-Plane especially for this long-awaited add-on (I had been lurking on the former ixeg.net blog and forum for quite some years..). As a result, my X-plane install is very clean and uncluttered by other add-ons (for now). I don't know if one thing has anything to do with the other, but I must say that I have been spared of most of the soft/hard/tough-to-troubleshoot crashes and unpredicted sim behaviour that has occasionally been reported by others especially a few weeks ago. Therefore, please consider the following remarks not bug reports (they do not impact in any way the usability of the simulation nor the pleasure of operating it) as much as well-meant vetting, scrutinizing (well.. you've asked for it repeatedly in countless forum treads ;-)), mostly nit-picky matters brought up for discussion etc. It's pretty great to be able to (maybe) assist in the finetuning of a wonderful product to become even better, more accurate and more robust. CDU 1/ CDU legs page. Between-point distances of over 9.9nm should have their format without decimal point, i.e. to the nearest NM. Is this rounded up or down..? I have no idea. 2/ CDU PERF INIT page during preflight: when entering a T/C OAT after entering a CRZ ALT, the resulting ISA DEV is erroneous. eg. Enter FL310, then -50°C T/C OAT --> this results in ISA DEV displaying 25°C, while -50C at FL310 is in fact around -5°C ISA. Interestingly, if you do it the other way round eg. start by filling in the ISA DEV value, the T/C OAT is filled in correctly. 3/ When pushing the +/- key on the CDU keypad, 'minus' should be displayed first, then 'plus', rather than the way it is now. ELECTRICAL SYSTEM I have played around a lot with the electrical system and the electrical failures. Great to see little details having been put in. These are some things I noticed, that could maybe be of use if it would later be decided to further enhance the simulation accuracy: 4/ TR1 and TR2 indicate slightly less amps than TR3. I would not expect to see this, rather the opposite (TR3 indicating about half needle deflection of what TR1 and TR2 have). In fact, if I would see TR3 indicating more than either TR1 or TR2, and TR1/2 being at around zero amps, I would probably suspect a TR1/2 failure with TR3 having taken over the load. In any case, I would think twice before going somewhere CAT 3 ;-) 5/ with Transfer Bus 1 failed/unpowered, TR1 indicates zero amps and zero volt. This is partially correct: underlying TR1 is unpowered and this is correctly shown as TR1 amps at zero. However, the TR1 voltage indication should actually display underlying DC BUS 1 voltage, which is still powered by TR2/3 and therefore should still read normal and not zero. 6/ with Transfer Bus 2 failed/unpowered, TR2 seems unaffected in amps while it should be dead. Same remark for the voltage indication: it should still read normal. 7/ when airborne without any AC generators online, on battery power only (a bad day at the simulated office), I have noticed this: * GPWS should be dead (it is powered off a bus below XFER BUS 1), but aural alerts are still produced (no PULL UP annunciator though) * the opposite: with a cabin altitude above 10.000ft there is no cabin altitude warning sounding while there should be one. I don't know on which specific bus it is wired, but it's listed in the "significant equipment that operates with all generators inoperative" in the books (and I remember hearing it in the real sim :s) * also, Radio Altimeter 1 seems to be still working. That is normally also on AC Electronic 1 and though I know that there are a lot of wiring differences as to what is powered by standby power, I really don't know whether it should be powered along with the rest of the CAPT flight instruments - it isn't included on the significant operating equipment list. But maybe on the LH fleet that was used as a reference they decided it was a negligible consumer and wired it up to the standby power anyway. * the TE Flap Position indicator still works, while it is on Transfer Bus 2 and therefore should not be powered 8/ when Air Data Computers are not powered or their source bus has failed, the Main Electric altimeters are (correctly) unfunctional, however the red ALT flag on the left part of the numbers readout is missing. AFDS 8/ in VOR/LOC mode, the AFDS ignores the Bank Angle Selector, happily banking to 30° instead. In HDG SEL it works fine. 9/ VOR/LOC outbound radial capture: the aircraft keeps turning and increasing the intercept angle until the radial is fully centered, obviously overshooting and then doing the same on the other side. The attached movie clip illustrates better what I mean. Thanks again for a great product and such a great rendition of the 737 classic. Ken VORLOC.mp4
  9. Hello. I've had it several times now where entering the STAR and Selecting the Transition causes gizmo to crash. The latest was enroute from VHHH to VECC. This was my route as given by SimBrief: DCT POU A599 SGM/K0822S1040 A599 LINSO/N0444F340 A599 CTG B465 SUMAG SEGOL When I input the STAR as ILSZ01R with SEGOL all is well, as soon as I select SUMAG as the TRANS, it bombs out. This is the only annoying issues I have that really bugs me. Sometime this happens, and sometime it doesn't. It also happens occasionally when opening a "CoRoute" that has been saved from SimBrief. Kind Regards Hentie
  10. mikeyusc

    CDU Display

    Hi Guys.. I have a working CDU keyboard on the iPad, using the built in UDP code to access datarefs.. Obviously this is great to get data into the sim, but the screen will be blank.. is there a hidden webserver or dataref that can provide what's visible on the CDU screen for external display? Thanks! Mike