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  1. MOTOWN LIVE! for X-plane 10 KDTW and the Metro area by Attitude Simulations 750 sq miles of high quality orthophotos, accurate city and airport buildings, custom modeled airport mesh, animated objects and scenarios and so much more. The package will include KDTW and all smaller fields within the Metro Detroit area. update: 1/18/2016 - KARB and KYIP will be included in a separate package... Some of downtown Detroit will be released as freeware. Our web-site will be up later this millennium...Stay tuned! (will remove slash once online) ENJOY!
  2. I've created an Airwolf model(For pictures see link below) with Maya 2016, but I'm having big problems getting it exported and integrated into X-Plane via the new xplane exporter in blender. I'm looking for experienced X-plane developers who could possibly help get this model integrated and working in X-Plane. This project will be aimed at the payware market and I would be willing to come to an arrangment with anyone who can help fully complete this project to market. If anyone is interested then please PM(message) me. Thank you.
  3. Hello fellow X-Plane pilots! Here is my HD Unique Clouds Variety Pack available here for just $10 USD These are a set of 8 HD double default resolution (unique smoke textures included for all 8 at standard res), as well as standard resolution replacements to the the default cloud textures for X-Plane 10/11 Flight Simulator. They are for the budget oriented pilot in mind. They were procedurally generated, and meticulously blended using high-end CGI software used in feature films, not a single photo was used. I tried to get them to be complimentary in their appearance as well as unique in their variety. They are zipped in a format with the folder structure of the default location for cloud textures in your X-Plane directory so that you can easily drop them in your MODS folder if you use JSGME (a generic mod enabler). That method is recommended if you want to be able to easily switch them out each time you fly, as well as REMOVE THEM BEFORE AN UPDATE Also much thanks to Laminar Research! The new default clouds provide such an excellent benchmark for this work. Teaser video below.
  4. Hello! I always announce my projects late here... But anyways, I want to see the response on the other side of X-Plane community. This project is in work by me and Airfighter. It's going to be payware, hosted on X-Plane store (for sure) and other sites (not yet decided). I hope X-Aviation permits selling this on their webpage. Here are two Blender renders from the cockpit and the exterior model, I made the exterior one yesterday and the cockpit one today, while writing this: Hope you like it! Mat
  5. Aerosoft Weeze

    My first official Aerosoft endorsed video ! Thanks for watching and give it a like if you like it :-)
  6. I thought I'd let everyone know that the MD-902 Explorer has just been released: http://store01.prost...e/Detail?no=337 The full 36 page manual is also available for free here: Enjoy!