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    I drive trains for a living for the Belgian National Railways. In my free time I'm a glider instructor pilot at the military field EBBT Brasschaat in the north of Antwerp.

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  1. Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    Really nice to hear! Looking forward to the future upgrades. Keep up the great work. And Happy New Year to you all [emoji322][emoji322][emoji322] Cheers Jorik Verzonden vanaf mijn iPad met Tapatalk
  2. Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    Would there be a possibility in having a freighter model? I did a paint on a TNT freighter 733 but because of the windows being modeled it doesn't look correct. I tried to remove the transparent texture but then all the windows get the same color even if the fuselage paint is different in the front then the back. It would be nice to have just the pax windows removable. A working freight door would be nice but just eye candy. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPad met Tapatalk
  3. Piaggio P180 Avanti II upgrade

    This looks amazing. Looking forward to this bird! Verzonden vanaf mijn iPad met Tapatalk
  4. My download link expired last december 22 Where can I get the update and a backup of the original installer? Best regards Jorik
  5. The B737 Classic Project

    Really nice to hear. I'm looking forward to the release.
  6. Any glider pilots?

    I'm a glider instructor pilot at EBBT Brasschaat. We mostly fly Grob Twin III, Janus C RG, Jantar 3, Astir CS77 and Duo Discus.<br /><br /><br />Kind regards,<br />Jorik
  7. GNS430

    Hi there guys,<br />I know you are planning to implement the new GNS430 in to the Saab at some point.<br />But is there a way to implement the GNS ourselves for the time being?<br />Just as a 2D pop up panel would be ok for me.<br /><br />Kind regards,<br />Jorik<br /><br /><br />Kind regards,<br />Jorik
  8. 3D Houses for World2Xplane

    Looks great! Kind regards, Jorik
  9. new hélicopter

    Great news! Thx for sharing Kind regards, Jorik
  10. Cessna Citation XLS [Payware]

    If I'm not mistaken the Cessna Citation XLS uses the Honeywell UNS-1 GPS. On this forum there's a topic from a guy developing such a FMS system but he is searching for more information. You can find the topic and a YouTube movie at the following url. Kind regards, Jorik
  11. Setting Torque and CTOT problem

    I had the CTOT problem with my CH quadrant. But what I just found is that the problem was not related to my CH Quadrant. It was caused by using the GroundService plugin Pushback feature on the LES Saab. The CTOT works fine just after a reboot of the GIZMO plugin but when I use the pushback, the CTOT stops working. This also breaks the engine parameters in flight. When not using the PushBack all is fine. I hope this will solve some other people there problem. And maybe one day we will see a pushback that works on the Saab! ;-) Kind regards, Jorik
  12. UNS-1 support needed

    I did a quick search on the net and found a real life handbook of a UNS-1B Most likely you did find this one your self but nevertheless it was to good to not share. Kind regards, Jorik
  13. UNS-1 support needed

    Hi there, Are you the developer of the UNS1 unit show in the following video? This one looks really really promising. I'm going to do my best to get more info on these units, I know some pilots from our flying club that fly a citation with a UNS1. Keep up the great work, this is a project I was eager to find. Many xplane aircraft lack a good FMS and this one will fit many of them like the great Saab340. Kind regards, Jorik
  14. Looks great! What are your system specs? Kind regards, Jorik
  15. Saab340 Loganair FlyBe

    I have it set at 3,2. I found Xplane default to dark, maybe this has something to do with the fact that I'm used to FSX. What's your setting? Kind regards, Jorik