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  1. frumpy

    CDU FMC Error

    Good call on the programming issue, Tom! I do too program little stuff once in a while, even though it's only basic if-then-else variable computing, for me things and models of reality can cause quite some irritation if they get too complex (plus, there is no one else to check the code). After all, it's hard to create code 8 hours in a row. I am happy that you are still trying, I feel the plane is a bit of an underdog that did not receive all the praise it deserves.
  2. frumpy

    Brunner Force feedback compatibility ?

    Could you guys share your results? If I'd have the $$$$, I'd go for Brunner too.
  3. frumpy

    Brunner Force feedback compatibility ?

    Perhaps these links will add some confusion: :-) http://aerowinx.com/board/index.php?topic=4751.msg50540#msg50540 https://www.quora.com/How-much-force-is-needed-to-move-the-flight-controls-while-taking-off-in-Boeing-or-Airbus-aircraft https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5ad6fc84ed915d32a65dbcd5/Boeing_737-8AS_EI-EBW_05-18.pdf http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= Judging from a 737 simulator, the controls are "quite heavy". Dont know if that helps, though..
  4. frumpy

    How to interface the CDU?

    I found it myself. This thread is very helpful: http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/11696-fmc-output/?tab=comments#comment-111966
  5. Hi guys, I would like to interface the CDU. Checking the datarefs, I don't find any info on the displayed data, eg. the destination airport. However, there seems to be a clever way to interface this, as seen in this sim (which runs the IXEG): I wonder: how is this done?
  6. frumpy

    IXEG 737 - Output Datarefs?

    I did it a long time ago, but now the interface has changed. It's more like plug&play now, while the code is harder to read, it can be all automated by the configurator: http://simvim.com/ardsimx/config.html In Air Manager the code for the gear-down-LED would look like this: -- LEDs // Gear gear_led = hw_led_add("ARDUINO_MEGA2560_A_D10", 0) -- define the pin which has the LED function gear_down_xp(position) -- name of function that controls the LED print(position) -- just for debugging if position[1] == 1 then -- this is FLOAT hw_led_set(gear_led, 1) -- turn LED on else hw_led_set(gear_led, 0) -- gear not out, turn LED off end end xpl_dataref_subscribe( "sim/flightmodel2/gear/deploy_ratio" , "FLOAT[10]" , gear_down_xp)
  7. frumpy

    IXEG 737 - Output Datarefs?

    There are a few ways to do so, e.g. ARDsim is good & for free, an older one would be Teensy with the plugin. I'm using Air Manager, good support by a very friendly team, ongoing development, fits P3D too and best of all - you can develop your own instruments with it.
  8. frumpy

    Aircraft Specifics

    That's a point. Personally, I don't undertake this detail of planning. I check fuel, weight, CG and off I go. Study qualities, but consumer market. A sidenote: In PSX I saw graphically how a gradual increase in fuel shifted CG back and forth. Extremely detailled and exact with the numbers, it's got vulcanic ash and elms fire simulation too. Maybe that's what you are looking for.
  9. frumpy

    Aircraft Specifics

    How do you define "study-level"? Concerning the MTOW, 138,500 vs. 139,274lb: Would you notice the 700 pounds difference? I wouldn't. And that pretty much summarizes what this is all about: in a flightsim you'll have to make concessions. Even a $350 tagged PSX does have some (okay, very little) things that are not "real". I mean do you go in a level D sim and complain about the duration of g-load in certain situations? I think the bottom line is that the IXEG is one of the best (...) aircraft for XP. Don't you agree? Glas is still half empty? Why don't you look at the things that were done very good, rather than trying to find things you don't like?
  10. frumpy

    Need a MCP command

    That's great news, thank you very much!! That'll make a nice toy.
  11. frumpy

    Need a MCP command

    No, the encoder sends twice the signals that I need, thats why I use only every second signal. This way one click equals one degree in heading change. The thing is really that the HDG_bug_inc_90 command from the first post should only move by one degree, not 90 - then it would work like the course knob as you see on the video. I'll check Ben's recommendation tonight, however I think I would stil be bound to the time delay due to reading&writing the dataref. Olli
  12. frumpy

    Need a MCP command

    Well, the IXEG runs at about 35fps, I assume this is also the frequency the datarefs are updated. I am using Air Manager v3 as a plugin, I am not too familar with programming. Also due to my encoder setup, I can only use every second signal. Here is the code: hdg_counter = 0 -- init function hdg_dial_change(hdg_direction) print(tostring(hdg_direction)) hdg_counter = hdg_counter + 1 if hdg_counter == 2 then hdg_counter = 0 -- use every second click else if hdg_direction == 1 then new_hdg=hdg_act+1 xpl_dataref_write("sim/cockpit/autopilot/heading_mag", "FLOAT", new_hdg) elseif hdg_direction == -1 then new_hdg=hdg_act-1 xpl_dataref_write("sim/cockpit/autopilot/heading_mag", "FLOAT", new_hdg) end end end hw_dial_add("ARDUINO_MEGA2560_A_D37", "ARDUINO_MEGA2560_A_D36", hdg_dial_change) -- thats the encoder function hdg_dtaref(heading) hdg_act=heading end xpl_dataref_subscribe("sim/cockpit/autopilot/heading_mag","FLOAT",hdg_dtaref) -- subscribe to the dataref, save as global variable every time it's changed I made a video while toying around with it, the Course knob uses a command, the Heading knob the change of dataref:
  13. frumpy

    Need a MCP command

    Thanks for answering - thats what I did, but basically it's not usable because the transmission of signals takes too long. It's working almost realtime with the other encoders, but with writing the dataref it's just slow...
  14. frumpy

    Need a MCP command

    Hi guys, I'm doing some interfacing with buttons, LEDs and switches. I'm almost done programming a MCP testbed. Unfortunately these ones: ixeg/733/autopilot/HDG_bug_inc_90 ixeg/733/autopilot/HDG_bug_dec_90 change the heading by 90°, but I need a command for 1° steps. Also there is no command for the altitude knob! I can use the default X-Plane ones, but thats 10' increments, not hundreds. Besides that, everything seems to work. Could you please add those commands? Thanks, Olli p.s. Sending the command 10 times will take care of the 10' steps^^ But still no help for the heading
  15. frumpy

    Format of dataref?

    It's float! But that wasn't the problem: correct dataref name is ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_a_comm_ann and should be corrected in the interface guide