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  1. MIP measurements/layout

    Did you find any? There are the measurements for the NG floating around, you might need to start from there. The main instruments in the B58 have a diameter of 3 1/8", this seems like a standard size and might also apply to the ALT/VS indicator. You can also check the IXEG textures folder, if you find the background texture - then resize and print it (not sure if that texture is there, though). If everything fails, you might still be able to check out an old 737 sim and take measurements.
  2. Pitch nose down in flare

    Try sandwich tactic: Praise the product first, place your input, praise again
  3. Did you try to delete&reinstall? Everything else works expected?
  4. Popup windows for cockpitbuilders

    Oh, it's been a while.. ATMega 2560 board, ArdSim interface. I mean Ben acknowledged that there is an issue with Gizmo, so I assume it's not the plugin. I cannot find my code anymore, hm.. Does this one work on your setup? 3) A/T and SPD active: A/T off in sim turns off the simulated A/T LED but not the physical one I think you need to reset the LED dataref to off when A/T turns off
  5. Popup windows for cockpitbuilders

    Now it's getting interesting! Can you check cases 1-3 I described here: I don't know what your friend did, I read and changed the supplied datarefs via Arduino.
  6. Popup windows for cockpitbuilders

    As far as I know, reliable interfacing via datarefs is difficult in general, if not impossible with Gizmo. I tried once to interface the MCP, but changing datarefs and reading states did not always lead to the desired result (buttons and LEDs got out of sync). I don't know if this will be worked on in the future, but I am afraid the IXEG is not fully suitable for a homecockpit.
  7. IXEG 737 Advice/Reviews

    I feel it's one of the best aircraft you can get for X-Plane 10, if not the best. However, as mentioned the FMC is buggy, so I don't use LNAV/VNAV. I'm a bit sad about this, because if you look at the other areas of the plane, it's very well modeled. I'm talking about flight modeling, 3D stuff, systems and overall immersion. So I think it really depends on what you are looking for. If you want to reproduce daily airline-life (which is boring, anyway!! ) , until now (and very unfortunate) I don't recommend. But if you are up for some hand-jockeying of a real pilots aircraft and do some traffic patterns or VOR hopping, go for it. There is a lot to learn. It's challenging to fly precise, but it's very rewarding once you've mastered it. Good fps too.
  8. Engine nacelle shape not 100% right?

    Let Boeing fix it!
  9. Cool addons for the IXEG:

    For external instruments and radio stuff - if you have a second monitor, I find Air Manager is very powerful. Cheaper than an iPad, though.
  10. What happened here?

    Thanks! I wonder - whats the rational behind this? Gear out, just in case I get pushed down and hit the surface? Not changing the nose-down drag of the gear, so the nose does not get too high? I mean I can imagine not changing flap position gives a speed margin if the speed drops, but leaving out the gear... hmm.
  11. What happened here?

    Besides the CRM which is not too good, why didn't he clean up? VS was well positive, but I don't see any reason why the gear was left down. I mean on a go-around cleaning up the config is right after TOGA, isn't it?
  12. [Solved] Something wrong?

    Hehe... Not having the AP engaged, while the FD was on happened to me more than once...
  13. Landings - I don't get it

    Vref+5 is a common approach speed if there is no wind. edited: As Jan says below, you need vref at touchdown, not over the threshold as I said. However, the threshold should be right below you with the "50" callout (this way you can tell whether you are high/low, and anticipate the effect on landing on the right spot).
  14. Landings - I don't get it

    Glideslope angle is not your pitch. A steeper glideslope means less pitch angle. Read the tutorial (I think it was the first one), check out a 737 AOM, check out the landing videos.