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  1. Sebas00

    SAAB 340A - Wing flex

    Even if it’s toward the tip of the wings, it’s worth it. I even wish that some heavies would simulate the vibration when flaps when extended beyond flap 2.
  2. Sebas00

    [FAQ] Problem with Pushback

    Same here
  3. Sebas00

    Cloud speed perception

    No Problem Cameron, Keep the good work and I look forward to the weather connector.
  4. Sebas00

    Cloud speed perception

    Try: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4R8O7mkrTM @2.27min - you can feel clouds passing faster as it get closer to the to the clouds above. @3.00min you feel that the plane is fast moving by the clouds @3.10min you can see the interaction of the clouds as the plane keeps on climbing. @6.50min as well The video is long, however it kinds of illustrate what I'm talking about. This was with HD Cloud from Sabbath
  5. Sebas00

    Cloud speed perception

    I've been following this thread since the beginning and I too love how the clouds looks in Skymaxx V3, however I must say that I never get the feeling of how fast i'm going even when flying through the clouds. But with the default clouds or HD clouds you actually feel some sort of speed rush and cloud interaction. If it's something they can fix, I would rather they take their time to release the update instead of rushing it.
  6. Sebas00

    Why X-Pilot forum?

    Great post! Hope more healing can do.
  7. Sebas00


    It comes with ground but not like the a330.
  8. Sebas00

    Throttle unresponsive

    What brand are you using?
  9. Thank you, but I just realized that mine was purchased at xplane.org. However their link for the update expired. So I can't find a good link to download.
  10. I don't see my past order that contained the CRJ 200 in the list.
  11. Sebas00

    skymaxx Pro with network PC

    Hello all, I'm doing a multiple screen setup with four computer on a network. What's the best way to get skymaxx Pro on each computer to work (installed) and be synchronized? Thank you.