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    Thank you on behalf of many Saitek radio owners.
  2. captain57

    [SOLVED] Autopilot Bug

    Any chance you had NAV 2 engaged not NAV 1? Just a thought.
  3. captain57

    Saab 340A - Released!

    Really enjoyed flying the tutorial. I highly recommend doing it. Very enjoyable and gives a lot of tips. Great plane.
  4. captain57

    [In Progress] Radio Button keys - Advise?

    How do I do that? (feeling a bit dumb). Thanks for your patience.
  5. captain57

    [SOLVED] Text tidy-up on virtual checklist

    I agree completely on the VIEW buttons in Checklist. Very strong feature. I like it a lot.
  6. captain57

    [In Progress] Radio Button keys - Advise?

    Yep. I got the drag and hold for the mouse. I'm trying to program a button to do Active COM1 COARSE UP or DOWN. Or Standby COM1 FINE UP or DOWN. I'm thinking the Gizmo overrides those keys. Any work arounds is what I'm looking for. thanks again.
  7. captain57

    [In Progress] Radio Button keys - Advise?

    Those radios don't allow me to program keys apparently. Could use some advice. Mouse really doesn't work well for them.
  8. Hey gang, I'm struggling with the radio buttons. Normally I would use my Saitek module, but the plugin doesn't play nice with Gizmo. I really struggle using the mouse drag process. So I figure I'll program some keys on my throttle quadrant. Not working yet. What to do you folks do? Thanks.
  9. I am struggling with A/P disengage warning also. Knowing me, it's pilot error. Time to read the manuals I suppose. Really fine work fellows. EDIT: Ah, on the yoke that I hidden. Pilot error.
  10. captain57

    X-Aviation Releases Take Command! Saab 340A!

    Bought it. Looks nice. Can you post a link to a support site for us?
  11. Hehe. Yep. I flew 172's and I still do look up to you.