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  1. IXEG 737 Classic v1.1 Is Landing!

    Long awaited, finally here. Love this aircraft. Thank you VERY much for all your efforts... Gesendet von meinem SM-G925F mit Tapatalk
  2. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    @Morten In reference to XP11 everything has been clearly stated a zillion times. Your (teams) point of view is totally acceptable and should be understood from everybody by now. I wouldn't even more bother giving answers to this subject. I noticed as well that whenever it comes to Version 1.1 for XPLANE 10 (TEN!) immediatly the subject changes back to XP11. Just happens again.... ;-) @donoscar I am well able to fly this bird by hand or using FLCH/ V/S, HOLDs etc (Online, VATSIM). Nevertheless i paid for a X-PLANE 10 (TEN ;-) Version to be complete and (almost) perfect. And there are still a lot of things missing (being available on the real aircraft) BUT, i will (must be ;-) still patient and wait for the things to come. Regards Oliver English is not my mother tongue, so things may not get accross the way I like to ...
  3. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    Yes, if you are talking about XP11, but some of us are talking about 1.1 for XP10. Different story to me. I am getting impatient as well, owning this a/c since late last year... And from what i read : VNAV will not even be fixed (or improved?) for XP10 version. @Litjan Oliver Gesendet von meinem SM-T810 mit Tapatalk
  4. Next update

    I fly various aircraft with XEnviro since it came out. Never had a crash caused by it. Gesendet von meinem SM-T810 mit Tapatalk
  5. log.txt error, agl error=40961

    Hi, any findings on this subject / error Regards Oliver
  6. Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    I don't beliebt you guys. ;-) This is all Photoshop ;-) I believe, When in see things myself. Waiting (days, weeks, months) ?? Oliver Gesendet von meinem SM-T810 mit Tapatalk
  7. log.txt error, agl error=40961

    Hi Ben, here are the logfiles, while sitting with the 737 in Gibraltar ;-) I am aware of the TrackIR errors, since it was not plugged in at the moment. Usually there is also one more plugin installed: xsquawkbox ! Additional Plugins running: XACARS, XEnviro, x-Camera, AutoGate BTW with AutoGate, i am getting also a: AutoGate: Can't buffer sound data cheers Oliver Log.txt audiotest.dat Cycle Dump.txt Data.txt GizmoLog.txt
  8. log.txt error, agl error=40961

    Hi, i am still getting this error: G64: 39.950: Livery Changed:() Folder:(Aircraft/X-Aviation/IXEG 737 Classic/) before loading ENGINE_HI_BYPASS_JET_inn.wav, agl error=40961! Something to worry about ? Possible cause ? Everthing seems to run smooth, just getting a few CTDs (mostly AFTER completion of a flight) ??!! Windows 10, Xplane 10.51, IXEG 1.07, Cheers Oliver
  9. I have a dream.

    German short form (Northern Germany) for "Guten Morgen" which means "Good Morning", but also used as a general "Hello/Hi". ;-) Gesendet von meinem SM-T810 mit Tapatalk
  10. Did you check the bug reports in this forum? LNAV /VNAV is being reworked and hopefully rock - solid with version 1.1
  11. LNAV, Transition Level Bug ?

    Thats what i thought, thanks Jan. Just to bad, that a lot of (essentiell) things are not modeled yet or are buggy. Lets see what 1.1 patch fixes.... Servus Oliver Gesendet von meinem SM-T810 mit Tapatalk
  12. Course Digits

    Thanks for the info, and you (XPlanePort) are correct with XP11. Its fixed there ....
  13. LNAV, Transition Level Bug ?

    Hi, i am aware that VNAV/ LNAV is being reworked. I haven't seen a bug report on this one, as i have scanned this forum - section : With Transition Level/Altitude being default at 5000 ft or changed to a differnt level / altitude by the pilot, shouldn't be all the calculations for subsequent waypoint altitudes in the FMC/CDU based and displayed on that level / altitude ? I still see LEVEL being used beside the path at or below the Transition altitude/level which is current in the DESCENT/FORECAST page. Exampel: DESCENT-FORECAST-TRANSITION LVL set to 7000ft (by pilot). FMC (still) shows FL60,FL50 etc on subsequent waypoints. @Litjan I can't recall seing this on the NGX i flew. Cheers, Oliver Windows10, XPlane 10, IXEG 1.07
  14. Igex 737 Xplane 11 APU won't start

    Sorry to say, but this has been answered a zillion times in this forum already.... Gesendet von meinem SM-T810 mit Tapatalk
  15. FMC button press animations

    I have a text file inside my coroute folder and a link to my desktop. Whenever I need, I open that file and copy paste the flight plan to that file, import it as Co-Route into the FMC, voila ;-) The text file is named AAAABBBB.txt to be always available via the desktop link. Format of Flightplan is self-explaining. It's even available that way from any remote computer or tablet ;-) Usually I use the co-routes available from my VA.