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  1. derek

    flying humour

    Burma Gift http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-humber-20910980 Lets hope.
  2. derek

    Activation for this product?

    Lets hope it gets sold on the .org at some time.
  3. derek

    Activation for this product?

    Your right I only got the MU-2 Cameron, that’s because of the activation policy you have.
  4. Is this going to be another activation file? I hope not.
  5. Very interesting with all the dense forest?
  6. derek


    I’m sorry to here that it’s very sad.
  7. derek


    Why can you not post on .org?
  8. derek

    Zroman's 777 Released

    Not going to get involved in your childish banter Ben, that’s for you and Zroman to sort out.
  9. derek

    Zroman's 777 Released

    I think Zroman and Ben Russell should live together. Imagine living in that house! All those diapers!
  10. derek


    Where is it????
  11. derek

    The Immortal DHC-2 Beaver

    Ok with that, so is the wife. Keep up the good work.
  12. derek

    The Immortal DHC-2 Beaver

    Over to you Pete!!! And sorry for starting this. I won’t really get the wife onto you. YET!
  13. derek

    The Immortal DHC-2 Beaver

    Right Pete: When you have finished this work of art, why not do an Otter. Sorry to tell you what to do. If you don’t I will get my wife onto you, and you won’t like that.
  14. derek

    Saab 2000

    Looks quality work you have. Good luck