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    Saab 340A update features.

    I hope they've fixed the shape of the glareshield, I didn't see it mentioned in the fix list so I pin my hope's on the last line "… and maybe more"
  2. scarp

    Saab 340A - Released!

    Hi Goran. I am sorry if that's the impression you get, I tried not to make it a big issue as it really is not. But if others feel they needed to prod further into my original post where one could get the impression that I was in the wrong or questioned my statement that it is a easy fix, or the last one asking for credentials. Should I have left it hanging just like that? Of course not. So it may have grown a little more than I intended. But in fairness, if it can make an already awesome product even better, then why not? As I said earlier, it is an awesome plane, congrats to all involved coz I actually know how much work has gone into a project like this. I am also grateful that you guys will have a look at it, that's awesome news, yay!
  3. scarp

    Saab 340A - Released!

    No problem AJ, and I wasn't going to start an argument either, it is what it is. I just bought the issue to the developers attention and was wondering if there would be a fix for it. And as I said, for a top dollar product I would expect a bug of this nature to be fixed. But that's my opinion. And after this post, I am done with it. So, here's a quick demo because Ben questions my statement that it is a easy and quick fix, I'll show you some pics (WIP) of one of my current projects and do some vertice shuffling: Here's a shot of a butchered VC (I removed almost all objects, just left enough in there so people can see what it is....hopefully) So here's a side shot of the glare shield. If you see those points where every line intersects? That's what we call a vertice. So to demonstrate, I mangled my glare shield in like 10 sec to resemble the one in this product. Of course, you'd probably spend more that 10 sec to fine adjust those vertices to smooth the mesh, but this was just a quick demo of what I mean and what I feel should be done....only in reverse. With that, I say goodbye and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.
  4. scarp

    Saab 340A - Released!

    No no, that is my point. There is no need for a new model or remapping, just a lowering of the vertices...that's all. If it was more complex I would certainly understand that anyone would be hesitant of backtracking through the mesh and make major alterations. But this is not the case, you could lower the said vertices without adding anything else or remapping for that matter. And just to make clear, I am very happy about the rest of the aircraft and I agree that it's well done, both visually and system wise.
  5. scarp

    Saab 340A - Released!

    No, it is not a question of viewpoint, it is a somewhat deformed glare shield, and I am quite astonished in regards to the reply from the developer. This is a very expensive addon and one would think that things were up to shape, and if they weren't, I would expect it to be fixed in the future. But a blatant 'no'? Not only is it an error, but it's also very hard to ignore as it's in your face + it obstructs the view, in sum is a total immersion killer. And to top it off, it is an easy fix from a modelers viewpoint (I'm a among other thing's also a developer myself). I don't think I am nitpicking or trying to be difficult either, I'd be quite happy if they just lowered those vertices just a tad. No remapping or new polygons are required, just a lowering of those vertices that are extruded horizontally. I mean, I think it's crazy, the aircraft is so very well made in every other aspect, but this glaring bug 'will not be dealt with'? That does come off as very strange considering it is a top dollar addon, if it was my work I would have been a bit embarrassed and I would have rectified it ASAP, no doubt! And just to make sure, with embarrassed I mean the jovial "woops, my bad" type embarrassed, not embarrassed embarrassed. Well, whatever, if there's definitely not gonna be issued a fix for it from the developers I guess I just made a bad investment, no worries. For those who says it's correct here are some better pics where you can clearly see that the top of the glare shield has an angle down towards the windshield from the get go, there is no flat/horizontal part first and then a downwards angle : http://www.airliners.net/photo/NextJet/Saab-340A/1672851/L/&sid=969187520daf5913c3103394d6b1039c http://www.airliners.net/photo/Air-Botnia/Saab-Fairchild-SF-340A/0280748/L/&sid=969187520daf5913c3103394d6b1039c http://www.airliners.net/photo/Chicago-Express-Airlines/Saab-340B/0368081/L/&sid=969187520daf5913c3103394d6b1039c http://www.airliners.net/photo/United-Express-(Colgan/Saab-340A/0599114/L/&sid=969187520daf5913c3103394d6b1039c http://www.airliners.net/photo/US-Airways-Express/Saab-340B/0665533/L/&sid=969187520daf5913c3103394d6b1039c and a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ob7oRxMTX0 Well this will be my last post in regard to this matter, the issue has been raised and I don't have anything else to add. I certainly hope the devs will take this into consideration despite the initial 'no' (which could technically just have been a reflex 'no' shot from the hip)
  6. scarp

    Saab 340A - Released!

    First congrats on a very well made aircraft, really enjoy this bird. But I think I found a small but glaring error It's the shape of the glare shield and the error is 'in your face' practically all the time And besides being a constant reminder being what it is and where it is, it's actually also a bit obstructive because it blocks the view forward a bit. I hope some vertices get's shuffled around a bit in the near future. Other than that, great addon Pictures says more than a few words, so here are some pics that hopefully shows what I mean As one can see, in RL the top of the glare shield is angled more directly towards the window sills while in the sim, it is extruded almost horizontally before it angles down toward the windows. You should be able to see almost the whole window frame from a pilot's perspective, try that in the sim without moving your head up and to the forefront of the overhead panel. A few more pics 'over the counter' just to show how it look's. Sorry I didn't have any better pictures for you, but I hope you can take care of this glaring bug on my glare shield. If it happens I'll gladly rate this aircraft a 10 out of 10 Merry Christmas!
  7. scarp

    Saab 340A Livery Lineup

    Santa just landed at the .org, thank you so much and in the spirit of the season, Merry Christmas to everyone
  8. scarp

    Saab 340A Livery Lineup

    In regards to Santa, I'd like to fly his sled but alas, I cant find it...anywhere!