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  1. Incredible friend!! Great job!!! Thanks for all this!
  2. some update of this wonder?
  3. mirlo1

    Librain support

    You could get it to work on vr I know there's an update for them please! Great job.
  4. great!!!it will have added effect of icing fuselage- tail -wings and rain windscreen? or something like that?That would be great.
  5. mirlo1

    Socata TBM-900 New Exterior Previews!

    Of course, it's just a question. You can develop a great product and have new projects in mind for the future
  6. mirlo1

    Socata TBM-900 New Exterior Previews!

    a great job the socata , have thought about making Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner ?
  7. hello friend fairing is about to launch its b90! I think on some other machine! metroliner II - III or merlin example
  8. mirlo1

    Updating the Cessna 152

    very good job! I'm preparing my credit card, when will be released approximately. thanks
  9. mirlo1

    Saab 340A Performance and What to Expect in 1.1

    very good news! thank you very much to all of you for working time.
  10. mirlo1

    [SOLVED - See Reply 35] frame rates

    As information do some tests with HDR on and while I kept my eyes straight in the cabin stable fps, turning left or right head fps drop dramatically , day and night
  11. mirlo1

    [SOLVED - See Reply 35] frame rates

    did not know that, do not use x plane 9 never! I have to go to my church to confession for this!
  12. mirlo1

    [SOLVED - See Reply 35] frame rates

    ok, thank you very much for everything! . the truth that saab is wonderful! very good job!. Do not take it as a complaint simply as a report. here again thanks and have a happy buyer who will continue to support your product. you deserve it !!!
  13. mirlo1

    [SOLVED - See Reply 35] frame rates

    Landing and Taxi lights do not illuminate the track with HDR off