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  1. frontendrob

    Ventura Sky 2.0 for XP11 and SMP4

    For 10, I recommend using VS 1.2 with SMP4, but you may try.
  2. frontendrob

    Ventura Sky 2.0 for XP11 and SMP4

    Shots: http://www.avsim.com/topic/500581-ventura-sky-for-x-plane-11-smp4/
  3. frontendrob

    Ventura Sky 2.0 for XP11 and SMP4

    Beta 2 is live. - Set your own desired visibility limit below 10.000ft. - Watch the sky colors and lightning adjust dynamically to low visibilities (anything below 18nm). - Extends visibility more progressively above 10.000ft. - Minimizes fade-in of Autogen, enabling larger autogen draw radius (zero perf. cost).
  4. frontendrob

    Ventura Sky 2.0 for XP11 and SMP4

    Grab it while it's hot! venturasky.com
  5. frontendrob

    SkyMaxx Pro v4 - Releasing Tomorrow Night!

    I wonder what happends if one decides to buy like NOW...
  6. frontendrob

    Skymaxx pro and XPlane 11

    Yep I noticed that. If they will work with the haze in V4, it would rule.
  7. frontendrob

    Skymaxx pro and XPlane 11

    Is 3.3.2 compatible with X-Plane 11 pb2? Just wanted to do a quick install, any issues expected?
  8. frontendrob

    SkyMaxx Pro v3.3.1 Has Been Released!

    No but I think 3.3.2 incl. the fix is on short final.
  9. frontendrob

    SMP3 Cloud Draw Distance Problem...

    Correct, that is what it does. I became so frustrated with these restrictions (combining real weather with personal preferences) that I wrote a script to deal with these issues. Find the link in my signature.
  10. frontendrob

    SMP3 Cloud Draw Distance Problem...

    16sm = 25700 meters. Go to the Weather screen, there is a slider. It will only work below the first cloud layer though.
  11. When using RWC in "Always" mode, does RWC set the cloud_coverage dataref in X-Plane?
  12. frontendrob

    How to add detail to your SMP clouds.

    Here's another shot of how a calibrated southern californian look can easily be achieved with Maxx FX.
  13. Easily add volumetric detail using the "Noise" feature of Maxx FX (available on X-Aviation). Noise is used in many modern game engines to add a more organic, cinematic look. Works wonders in X-Plane and specifically SMP and it doesn't cost FPS. The color settings are somewhat specific to my display (Sony W905 55"), your mileage may vary.
  14. frontendrob

    Two visual issues with SMP 3.3

    Great to hear you're still at it. As I tried to convey above, it's a great product, these are just the two areas where it could gain some. I am aware that the cloud shadows are tricky to inject... having a smaller radius could be a short term solution. Funny thing is, my test flight for SkyMaxx is an afternoon flight from KATL to KMCO. You have certainly nailed these low but big, puffy cumulus that are scattared in central FL. The problem with the cumolonimbus is that they're so seperated. I'd expect larger, darker areas of heavier clouds to surround them, Right now flying in FL's current weather (in X-Plane with SMP & RWC), you have rather standard cumulus, and then these killer clouds here and there. In these situations, I would expect a larger thunderstorm area.