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  1. AtomicFrawg

    FMS and Autopilot

    Congratz! Can't wait to bring this baby on a PilotEdge Flight!
  2. AtomicFrawg

    Cessna Citation and other things.

    If its anything like the Saab, I will be enjoying flying the crap out of it.
  3. AtomicFrawg

    The Immortal DHC-2 Beaver

    I agree with Goran, Its best to support the work of the developers regardless of where you buy it. My hanger consists of planes from both stores and straight from Carendo's web sight. Both stores have been good to me. I feel the more we support theses guys, the better products we will get. I say this over and over on my streams and mean every word I say.
  4. AtomicFrawg

    The Immortal DHC-2 Beaver

    Hello Pete. If you need help promoting with Live video, I would be happy to help. I cant wait to fly this plane on PilotEdge and on my show.
  5. AtomicFrawg

    Saab 340A update features.

    It is worth the Wait.....
  6. AtomicFrawg

    Saab 340A update features.

    Good Lord! I love you guys! I get to fly my favorite plane on PilotEdge Can't Wait!
  7. AtomicFrawg

    Cessna Citation Video

    Wow! Goran. I really really hope this is added to the Saab also. This will allow me to take it back up on PilotEdge. Huge Thumbs Up!
  8. AtomicFrawg

    SkyMaxx Pro 2.0 Release!

    Well I found it pleasing during the "Hurry and release SMPv1 thread".
  9. AtomicFrawg

    No biggie but.....

    I also had this problem. The way I worked around it was, go to external view and zoom way out, then shit-9 back into the cockpit. That took care of the fog. Any how Beta 8 notes said they fixed the issue and Sundog just said V2 will fix it also.
  10. AtomicFrawg

    FlyJSim 737-200 TwinJet now out!

    Not many airlines (mostly 3rd world or small countries state run airlines) are still flying 737-200. The liveries are of the classic airlines that use to fly them. But read what he said again. "WestJet does not fly the 737 anymore." Not a true statement.
  11. AtomicFrawg

    FlyJSim 737-200 TwinJet now out!

    Its kinda funny because WestJet still flys 737. Not sure where you got that info from. The 2nd person (Joe) at FlyJsim is a dispatcher at WestJest. "Our fleetWestJet operates a modern fleet comprised of jet and turboprop aircraft. WestJet's fleet includes the Boeing Next-Generation 737-600, 737-700 and 737-800 as well as the Bombardier Q400 NextGen turboprop. Both the 737-700 and 737-800 series aircraft are equipped with blended winglets. Blended Winglet Technology by Aviation Partners Boeing improves the aerodynamic performance and handling characteristics of the 737 while boosting range and reducing fuel burn by up to four per cent. Both the 737-600 and 737-700 series have a lavatory at the front of the aircraft as well as one at the back; galleys are also located at the front and at the back. The 737-800 series has a single lavatory at the front, two at the back and galleys at both the front and back of the aircraft. The first three rows of our 737 aircraft have additional legroom (36-inch seat pitch). These seats are available for selection when booking a Plus fare. Guests booking Econo and Flex fares may reserve these seats for a fee, during the 24-hour check-in window. " But I do find if funny that you give your first thoughts on a plane you do not own yet. Your statements (opinions) / problems are it's $47 and the liveries (No canadian Liveries). I addressed both in a reasonable manner.
  12. AtomicFrawg

    FlyJSim 737-200 TwinJet now out!

    The 727 released at the same price point of around $50. Just because you expect something to release at a price does not mean it wll release for that. $47 is a very fair price for what you get. Since you are complaining about the price, I will assume you do not have it and do not know the quality of the aircraft. Let me ask you this? Would you rather have had it like 727, no Paint kit and having to also buy the Liveries? I think most people like the fact they will be able to get liveries for free or make thier own. Liveries list: Blank White Aer Lingus South West WestJet (canadian airline FYI) KLM Air France Aloha Airlines Soooo Saying he took no ones sugestion is completly a false statement. Its more like he did not do what you wanted and now your complaining about it. Support the Devs Currently developing for X-plane. Without them we would have nothing.
  13. AtomicFrawg

    What did you fly today?

    Saab340a SkyMaxx Pro MaxxFX (own config) SimHeaven Photo Scenery LAX Area
  14. AtomicFrawg

    SkyMaxx porn

    Today's weather at KLFT Mean while in Seattle, Cargo run? Baron of the Skies