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  1. sqrt(-1)

    Cessna 310L v1.0.9 Update Released!

    1.0.9b is now available.
  2. sqrt(-1)

    Bug Report

    Just received the email from Cameron that the update to 1.0.9b is available.
  3. sqrt(-1)

    Password always wrong..

    So there was always a 50/50 chance of getting it right... Theoretically, this problem should have been solved by any user within 2 attempts.
  4. sqrt(-1)

    Option for no persistence-wear and tear?

    I respectfully disagree. The persistent wear and tear is precisely the feature that separates the TBM900 from all the other aircraft in X-Plane. By allowing to defeat this, it would create the subconscious safety net allowing one to become complacent about how to treat the real aircraft and its true operating costs. There are plenty of other models that allow a more "game-like" experience. My inflation adjusted $0.02 as a RW pilot.
  5. sqrt(-1)


    Most developers including IXEG will start updating their aircraft once X-Plane reaches a solid release candidate, or for some, only when the latest release candidate is declared final. It makes no sense for developers to be chasing a moving target while X-Plane itself is being debugged.
  6. sqrt(-1)

    First review (That I've seen)

    Try this.
  7. sqrt(-1)

    GPS to Localizer Approach

    It is "widely known" that bugs are merely undocumented features.
  8. sqrt(-1)

    First review (That I've seen)

    A well deserved, very positive review!
  9. sqrt(-1)

    Gizmo plugin problem + activation problem (TBM900)

    Curious. I have no issues with the SkunkCrafts updater together with the TBM. Are you sure you're using the latest version? BTW, it updates a number of aircraft.
  10. sqrt(-1)

    ELEC FEATH FAULT and loss of TRQ reading

    They did, after all, say they needed a bit of time off after a week of intense bug killing on a project that everyone else spent $65 on as well. Evidently you didn't think they were entitled to that.
  11. sqrt(-1)

    ELEC FEATH FAULT and loss of TRQ reading

    After only 23 hours on a weekend?
  12. sqrt(-1)

    No cold and dark option?

    This is exactly what I was hoping for. The realism aspect of this model is what separates this TBM from other, otherwise well done, payware aircraft.
  13. sqrt(-1)

    Xplane 11.30

    Any update to any aircraft typically will not happen until 11.30 goes final (or at least a solid release candidate). There's no sense having a developer chase a moving target in the sim itself.
  14. sqrt(-1)


    Only if you're okay with testing a beta.