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  1. scandimar

    Survey: gadgets that Saab pilots use

    Normally I use Scandinavian Airlines RM or when flying in the US I consider the SKYVECTOR very usable. Have also some charts on the Ipad cheers ron
  2. scandimar

    X-Aviation Releases Take Command! Saab 340A!

    This plane is really amazing. If not the best desk top simulation ever produced, certainly one of them. Sound and graphics. I have been flying with the donationware New Zealand scenery and I just cannot stop flying..A big hand for the Leading edge people whoever you are...
  3. scandimar

    X-Aviation Releases Take Command! Saab 340A!

    Hi guys The plane sure looks nice, but I cannot move anything in the cockpit and no sound. I run WIN7 XP10 and plane activated. Before you tell me off, I want to say I have been away from X-plane for a while, and perhaps I need an addon (Gizmo) or sometinhg else I do not know of.