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  1. MikeyT

    Unable to login to the X-Aviation Licensing window

    Thanks for the quick reply Ben. Much appreciated!
  2. MikeyT

    Unable to login to the X-Aviation Licensing window

    I updated to Windows 10 1803 this morning and when I next opened X-Plane, the X-Aviation update licence window opened asking for my email address and password but would not allow any input. When I opened the Gizmo plugin and attempted to change my preferences - same sort of thing - the preferences were all listed but there was no tick box and clicking on anything did nothing. What have I done to break this?
  3. This is 12+ months after that last post but I need some pretty basic help. I am running XP11.05rc2, the current stable version. I bought the MCP Pro yesterday from the GoFlight stand at FlightSim2017 (RAF Cosford, UK) and my problems started when I got home. My mobo only has USB3 on it and the GoFight guy did not tell me that the MCP does not work when plugged into a USB3 port. I downloaded the PollyPot GIT software and interposed a USB2 hub between the MCP and my computer. I downloaded some profiles from GoGlight - Slayer's work - for the IXEG 733, the FlightFactor 752 v2 and Zibo's update to the Laminar 738. After much struggling and importing the profile for one of the A/C, the MCP now lights up but none of the buttons/switches/knobs has any effect. Is there anyone out there SUCCESSFULLY using the mcpPro with XP11 and having the same USB3 issue as me?
  4. MikeyT

    Horn sounding on takeoff in XP11.05r1

    OK. 'fess up time! I was not checking the initial trim setting. It is set all the way down at the bottom initially. Once I put it to T/O setting everything is OK. Sorry for wasting your time guys but in the end I learned a valuable lesson about making assumptions. Thanks to all of you above.
  5. MikeyT

    Horn sounding on takeoff in XP11.05r1

    Thanks mfor. I need to do some more work on this. My config is always all good. Flaps 5 (and in FMC) trim well in the green, speedbrake fully retracted, parking brake off. 1) I heard the trim wheel noise but did not realise what was happening. When the A/C starts to move, the trim wheels spin madly and set trim to zero. This would appear to explain the horn and the difficulty in getting the A/C up to a height where I can activate LNAV, VNAV and AP1, at which time trim resets in the green and the horn silences. Cannot see what causes this at this time. 2) When I take off with standard config and nothing put into the FMC there is no problem. I can takeoff, activate TOGA and with AP1 on can fly manually or using the MCP.. No horn and no trim issues. Can't believe I am missing something in programming the FMC since I follow the same checklist/procedures that I have used since Day 1! My "test" flight uses the same flight plan, a physical config that matches your list above, and identical FMC planning every time! As it is I am happily flying the IXEG 733 in XP11.02 (stable) and when I have time I'll look at 1105r1 again.
  6. To make a clean start, I made a fresh installation of both XP11.02 and 11.05r1 (stable and beta respectively). Into both of these I installed IXEG 1.2. Using the same checklist and procedures for the 733 that I have used successfully ever since I bought IXEG 1.0 when it was released, and a simple flight from EGFF to EGCC (BCN N864 MONTY) with the same SID (BCN1A) and STAR (MIRS1A via MIRSI) I have different results. This is the flight that I use to check out all my A/C purchases. In 11.02 the flight is always successful. In 11.05r1, as soon as the engines spool up past 50% the horn goes off. If I powere them down it silences but come on again when I re-spool up. I can however engage TOGA and take off although there appears to be an associated delay in LNAV becoming available (but I might be wrong in this). Eventually the horn silences and I can activate LNAV, VNAV and AP1 and the flight proceeds normally. I am a little bewildered since 11.05 was supposed to be mainly new airports. I see nothing in log.txt or gizmolog.txt to explain why the horn sounds and my config is exactly the same in both instances. The only thing I haven't had time to try is taking off from a different airport. Anyone had similar issues or can offer an explanation?
  7. MikeyT

    First official XP11 screenshot

    Good work. Can't wait!
  8. MikeyT

    Cannot install 3.2.2 SOLVED

    I posted just now that I could not install 3.2.2 but having checked again I discovered I had a bad download. I re-downloaded 3.2.2 and it installed perfectly, as did RWC. Can't see how to delete the original post! Sorry!!
  9. MikeyT

    X-Crafts Releases v1.1 Update for E175

    The only option I have under gizmo64/Windows is "Gather windows" - no hotifx option there. Any idea what's wrong with my setup? Gizmo is version15.12.22.1106 from december last year. Maybe there's a later version somewhere?