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  1. cessna729

    Engines always hot start

    Does the aircraft appear to work ok if you load it engines running? If so, the most probable cause of a 'hot start' when you try and start the engines yourself (from 'cold & dark'), is 'pilot error' or incorrectly setup addon's eg. 3rd party, switch panels, control yokes, joysticks etc. cessna729.
  2. cessna729

    Missing ILS frequencies

    LR removed the X-Plane map edit function in X-Plane 11, they want you to report any problems with XP navaids (example missing/incorrect ILS), to the X-Plane Gateway. It is technically possible to 'hand edit' XP navdata, but to do so is unsupported by LR. cessna729.
  3. cessna729

    Tuning the T34C radios?

    Are you using Linux? Cos the T34c version 1.11 radios work fine in Windows 64, with X-Plane11pb11 which is 64bit Only, (just a bit of glow from the ADF and VOR frequency readouts in HDR mode). But there are ways to work-a-round-that. http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/beechcraft-mentor-t34c-p-60 Says it's X-Plane 10 64-bit comaptible. cessna729.
  4. cessna729

    JRollon-CRJ200 Ram Leak

    What OS, X-Plane, navdata and CRJ-200 version's you using? Attaching a copy of your Log.txt should list most of these bits of info. You said the problem dosn't happen with other planes, but does it happen every time you load the CRJ? If you have noticed this problem on a number of flights with the CRJ, you need to ask youself what do these problem flights have in common? For example, are you flying from/to/near specific airports?.... possible scenery related. Do you get this problem when your programing a particular route/fix/awy/SID/STAR etc.........possible navdata related. cessna729.
  5. Hi Markus, I think it's doing what it was intended by the Dev to do. In real life the pilot would normally have to lift the Flight Idle Latches (those two black stubs half way down the Power lever) to get into "beta mode" see Acident report on a Jetstream (early model JS31). The JS-32 simulation has been designed so that when you pull the "POWER" lever back below a 0.02 ratio of a total of 1.0 (full Forward), the prop will enter "Beta Mode". See Javier Rollon replies on a similar topic of "Dump Flaps". So if you don't want it to happen (as Javier has designed it to operate), I suggest you slightly offset the thrust leaver on your Saitek X52 so when it's fully back it's giving a value of 0.02 or above, then the prop will not enter "beta" by you moving the thrust leaver on your Saitek X52. You could then try use a key or button to engage "beta" mode? For example: X-Plane's Settings--> Joystick & Equipment --> Keys (or buttons etc) and use a key eg. "/" to assign engines/beta_toggle and "?" to go into reverse (see X-Plane Dev Blog). Note I don't have a Saitek X52, so can't say how to setup that particular hardware, but I'm sure some user that does will point you in the right direction. cessna729.
  6. cessna729

    Magnetic Variation

    For Info in the "Real World" when a VOR is first installed, the VOR antenna is physically oriented to True North, this involved a TELS enginer climbing to the top of the mountain (or where ever the VOR was installed), with a set of screwdrivers and spanners/wrenches, then making a potentiometer adjustment to slave the navaid with Magnetic North. This setting is then recorded as "The Magnetic Declination of Record" or as it is sometimes called the “Station Declination” and the date this figure was set. Now over time the Local Magnetic Variation changes, and the VOR will no longer be alligned exactly with Local Magnetic North. Every so often the controling local Aviation Authority should re-align the VOR antennas to keep then within a few degrees of Local Magnetic North. But given the remote locations, and the fact that all charts & FMC databases would have to be updated as well, lots of VOR's do not get re-aligned as often as the should. The FAA and other Control Authorities continually have problems with "MagVar of Record" for VOR's and other navaids in the "real world". As example: Instrument Landing System (ILS) procedures at Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska. and The Review of Magnetic Variation Report. So it was a never ending job, trying to travel to every single VOR ground transmit antenna and "tweek the pot", given that some VOR's are in very remote or mountainous locations. The FAA has tried to keep most of it's VOR's in line, but there are many other VOR's around the world that have hardly ever been re-set more than a couple of times, so now lots of these VOR's are way out. This is one of the reasons Control Authorities are planning of switching off most ground based en-route navigation aids VOR/NDB/LM ect. and replace their function with satellite based fixes. Also Have a look at these old posts on the X-Plane Dev Blog: http://developer.x-plane.com/2015/06/x-plane-10-40-beta-3-is-out/#comment-11146 Note especially what Phillip has to say on the subject: X-Plane NavData records this "Site Declination of Record" in the earth_nav.dat file, Row 3 entry for VOR's as "Slaved variation for VOR". cessna729.
  7. cessna729

    epwa ILS removed

    Why re-invent the wheel? Go to X-Plane Gateway and download LR's 26th April 2016 nav update on their NOTAMS page? If you don't want to apply the whole update you could just edit the existing earth_nav.dat to contain these lines: (Note: Always backup any X-Plane file before you edit anything!). 4 52.16065300 020.98527800 328 10990 18 114.535 WAS EPWA 11 ILS-cat-I 4 52.18056700 020.95416400 328 11030 18 331.880 WA EPWA 33 ILS-cat-II 6 52.17116700 020.95204700 328 10990 10 300114.659 WAS EPWA 11 GS 6 52.15266700 020.98071700 328 11030 10 300331.864 WA EPWA 33 GS 12 52.17116700 020.95204700 394 10990 18 0.200 WAS EPWA 11 DME-ILS 12 52.15266700 020.98071700 394 11030 18 0.200 WA EPWA 33 DME-ILS [Source: 810 Version - data cycle 201605, build 20161503, metadata NavXP810. Copyright © 2016, Robin A. Peel (robin@x-plane.com).]. Note if your using a Custom Scenery for EPWA you may have to "hand tune" the figures to "fit" in with where every the scenery developer decided to place the Rwy. See LR's docs on X-Plane's file formats. Note1: Following the above advice will ensure you can tune the NAV radios in X-Plane to the ILS Rwy33 at EPWA and that the ILS Fan (Arrow symbol) appears on X-Plane's localmap. Note2: You may have to toggle "Shut down tailwind ILS's" if your not landing into wind for that ILS to be ON. Note3: It does not guarantee that every 3rd party FMS/GPS will show/list a Rwy33 ILS as they use different database files. (It does appear on the GNS430 using Navigraphs 1605 data). cessna729.
  8. cessna729

    Navdata question

    It appears the Steam version of the CRJ-200 is (compatable with the X-Plane GNS430's navdata), see Philips post here. cessna729.
  9. cessna729

    CRJ-200 Can't Release Brakes

    I know you have said none of the other aircraft have this problem, but you may have corrupted the preferences or key/button assignments that effect the brakes, so please try the following: Try loading the default C-172SP (engines running) at the default KSEA and check out the brakes: Note there are the left & right toe brakes . And also the parking brake to check. If you have ant problems check the key/button assignments. Then when that's working OK in the C-172SP, load up the CRJ-200 (engines running) and try the same thing. If you still have a problem att a copy of your Log.txt for the Dev's to look at. cessna729.
  10. Have you tried using DataRefTool? or the Remote CDU? cessna729.
  11. cessna729

    Cannot get approach mode to work

    Negative! 115.3 is MSP (MINNEAPOLIS) a VORW/DME and *NOT* a localizer. The Localiser Ident is I-MSP and the correct frequency is as you guessed 110.3 MHz. Note the Ident displayed on the CRJ's PFD & ND appears slightly corrupted and shows: NAV1 CRS 301 6.9 NM IMSPMSP The last 3 Characters are actually from the NAV2 radio (which was tuned to MSP the VOR/DME on 115.3MHz). Just tried my CRJ-200 using Navigraph 1601 X-Plane nav data earth_nav.dat has both an LOC (Row4) & GS (Row6) for Rwy 30L @ KMSP. 4 44.88957309 -093.23824668 812 11030 18 301.452 IMSP KMSP 30L ILS-cat-II6 44.87416684 -093.20561393 812 11030 10 300301.452 IMSP KMSP 30L GS cessna729
  12. cessna729

    Cannot get approach mode to work

    You say you tuned & selected the ILS correctly? (I have tuned mine to 109.10MHz for the ILS Rwy 17 @ KTIW, Ident: ITIW). Did you have the correct AP MODE and SOURCE selected before intercepting the Glide path? For example did you have something like this:? FD, AP ENG, APPR & ALT. Notice NAV source selected to NAV1, NAV1, tuned and ILS ident checked. PFD showing LOC1 & ALT Active, G/S Armed Once you have intercepted the LOC the ALT lights go out. As you get ready to intercept the glide slope (within 1/2 dot) the G/S the mode should switch to ACTIVE (G/S in Green text). And the aircraft starts to decend on the G/S. You didn't say which airport, Rwy & ILS your trying to use, so are you sure the LOC your using does actually have a G/S associated with it? You also didn't tell us if you were flying or the FMS was navigating maybe using a STAR etc. before setting up for the approach? If you were using the FMS, please say what FMS navdata you were using. cessna729.
  13. Update: I just tried installing the latest LR update at http://gateway.x-pla...enery/page/OTHH, and using Navigraph's 1504 updates for X-Plane navdata, and GNS430/FF77 FMS, and XP10.35, had no problem displaying SIDs/STAR's/APP at OTHH. cessna729.
  14. Some things do not tie up with your Log.txt Line 1935: 0:00:02.534 I/FLT: Init p0 type:loc_ram apt:OTBD rwy:34RThat says X-Plane loaded your aicraft at OTBD rwy:34R and NOT where you claim OTHH. There are also some 774 lines of FAILURES listed in the same Log.txt 0:00:02.534 I/SCN: Failed to find resource 'material_3_83.dds' (parent = 'Custom Scenery/aaDoha/objects/' at 'Custom Scenery/aaDoha/objects/material_3_83.png'So there are lots of problems with 'Custom Scenery/aaDoha/' Well that many ERRORs and plugins loaded may not be unusual for you, but temp removing this lot is a good palce to start: Line 57: Loaded: /Applications/X-Plane 10/Resources/plugins/AutoGate/mac.xpl (Marginal.AutoGate). Line 61: Loaded: /Applications/X-Plane 10/Resources/plugins/CustomSBDatarefs004/64/mac.xpl (sandybarbour.projects.customsbdatarefs004). Line 68: Loaded: /Applications/X-Plane 10/Resources/plugins/Gizmo64.plugin/64/mac.xpl (gizmo.x-plugins.com). Line 73: Loaded: /Applications/X-Plane 10/Resources/plugins/HeadShakev1/64/mac.xpl (com.simcoders.headshake). Line 81: Loaded: /Applications/X-Plane 10/Resources/plugins/PythonInterface/64/mac.xpl (sandybarbour.projects.pythoninterface). Line 83: Loaded: /Applications/X-Plane 10/Resources/plugins/SeaTraffic/mac.xpl (Marginal.SeaTraffic). Line 85: Loaded: /Applications/X-Plane 10/Resources/plugins/SilverLining/64/mac.xpl (SilverLining.Clouds). Line 95: Loaded: /Applications/X-Plane 10/Resources/plugins/XFMC/64/mac.xpl (klm-va.com). Line 98: Loaded: /Applications/X-Plane 10/Resources/plugins/Xchecklist/mac.xpl (Michal_Bill.Example.Xchecklist). Line 390: Loaded: Custom Scenery/EDDM_4_0/plugins/GroundTraffic/mac.xpl (Marginal.GroundTraffic.EDDM_4_0). Line 394: Loaded: Custom Scenery/KLAX - Los Angeles International/plugins/GroundTraffic/mac.xpl (Marginal.GroundTraffic.KLAX - Los Angeles International). Line 398: Loaded: Custom Scenery/Mallorca_9.0/plugins/GroundTraffic/mac.xpl (Marginal.GroundTraffic.Mallorca_9.0). Line 403: Loaded: Custom Scenery/KSAN - San Diego/plugins/GroundTraffic/mac.xpl (Marginal.GroundTraffic.KSAN - San Diego).But I suspect the main reason your having a problem is the files your 777's FMS is using do not agree with the X-Plane Scenery and Data files. Basically AFAIK, the 777 will only display a list of the available SID's and STAR's if they exist in the 777's default FMS data or the Custom Data folder (if your using an uptodate version of the 777 and XP10.30 or later). AND the active Scenery for the airport has at least matching runway identifiers so it can try and match up the Rwy, LOC, GS and other NavAids with the Procedure (Proc) files in the FMS navdata. If you have updated the X-Plane GNS430 FMS data, it should look like this: The GNS430 folder shown above contains the navdata for the new X-Plane GNS430/530 GPS's, (and FF's B777 ver 1.7.0 and above and FF 757 ver 1.20 and above now use that folder if it exists in preference to the Default data supplied with the a/c). Occasionaly it is worth cleaning out the 777's nav cache folder as it is just possible that yours has got corrupted or out of sync? On my windows SIM machine its here: X-Plane 10\Aircraft\Heavy Metal\777 Worldliner Extended\plugins\T7Avionics\cache Just exit X-Plane, then empty the cache folder, do not move/delete or renain the folder, just deleate the contents inside, then restart X-plane and load the 777 again. Also check out the X-Plane Scenery Gateway, someone had uploaded a new OTHH http://gateway.x-plane.com/scenery/page/OTHH Only 2-D at the moment, but it;s a start. cessna729.
  15. cessna729

    iGoDispatch for CRJ-200 (iPad)

    Almost worth going to get an iPad just for this! Great looking App. cessna729.