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  1. C172SP Wide Panel Project

    C 1 7 2 S P – W I D E P A N E L P R O J E C T
    Copyright © 2013 Talisman illustration design – Alan Fletcher / Alain Fréchette. All rights reserved.
    All art material contained in this archive is exclusive copyright of Talisman illustration design. No art files within, in part or in whole, may be copied, modified, re-distributed, disassembled, re-packaged or in any way be exploited for any commercial purpose without the express permission of Talisman illustration design.
    Any comment, suggestion mail to: alfletcher2@yahoo.ca
    Fast CPU (Multi core recommended)
    Fast GPU (1 Gb vram minimum)
    Large screen (minimum 1920 px wide, 2048 px or more recommended)
    X-Plane 10 running at 64 Bit mandatory for smoothness
    This panel might not be compatible with some SAITEK products including SWITCH PANEL, RADIO PANEL, THROTTLE QUADRANT, TPM.
    The SAITEK Yoke System is ok. Some simmers reported no problem using some of them though. Give a try and report any problem.
    For trouble free operation, user should only use mouse to actuate knob and lever.
    Unzip the file «C172SP_WidePanel_C.zip» and copy the extracted content into your .../Aircraft/General Aviation folder.
    For maximum experience copy, one by one, the provided «Resources files» into their corresponding X-Plane «Resources folder» (don’t forget to make a copy of the original files in case of problem).
    I recommend the usage of the excellent plugin X-Hobb (http://forums.x-plan...&showfile=11770).
    Be sure to check the ReadMe file included in this archive for more details.
    Ver 1.0 – March 9, 2013
    Initial Release
    Ver 1.1 – March 9, 2013
    Fixed a bug found in the Checklist actuating system.
    Ver 1.2 – March 10, 2013
    Fixed a problem with the 3D propeller as viewed from outside to appear not moving.
    Fixed a problem with navcom radios restricting ATIS and VOR signal to be heard.
    Add yokes visibility trigger (click on tail number plate to hide/show)
    Ver 1.3 – March 10, 2013
    Fixed a problem with the fuel pump switch showing in a carburated engine. I simply removed it to be consistent.
    Ver 1.4 – June 4, 2013
    DME receiver added (Bendix/King KN 62A)
    Extinguisher now fully functionnal. Follow Emergency Procedure if cabin fire occurs.
    Added a hidden switch over the pilot’s yoke to set input mode if yokes flicking occurs.
    Fixed a bug with the Variometer showing inaccurate vertical speed rate.
    Fixed a bug preventing the Transponder breaker to fail the device in specific configurations.
    Fixed a bug with the Autopilot device regarding altitude hold and ILS (GS) tracking.
    Fixed a bug in the Flaps actuation system preventing fixed increment adjustments with joystick input.
    Fixed a minor bug related to Vacuum gauge needle not turning off when electrical power fell below critical voltage.
    Starter sound improved.
    Ver 1.5 – September 6, 2013
    Fixed a bug related to the Transponder Power Mode Knob turning the device off under specific condition.
    Ver 1.6 – November 9, 2013
    Fixed a bug related to the Elevator Trimwheel System failing under specific condition.
    Project entirely developed in Plane Maker (no plugin involve yet)
    Match the specifications of the C172SP model modified for training purpose like a P model (160 HP, carburated, 30° max flap setting)
    A fuel injected, 180 HP with HSI version will be released later, depending how the current release is received
    Custom HD panel 2048 x 1840 pixel (implemented into the stock C172 from X-PLANE/www.dmax.it)
    (2D version only / 3D cockpit disabled)
    Day and Night textures
    Custom livery
    Custom sounds (Engine/Prop, Ground roll and contact, Skid, Ignition/Starter, Master/Avionics Switches, Primer, Breakers, Key set, Autopilot warn, Trim wheel, Flaps, Rain and Wind)
    This project required hundreds of hours of labor and thinking to make it as close as possible to the real thing. I pushed to the limit the hacking concept of X-Plane in many ways, using wrong dataref to trigger actions and instruments. The electrical system for example is highly customized to bypass some strange behaviours found initially in the coding of X-Plane. Due to the complexity of this project (just open it to see by yourself) DO NOT ATTEMP to modify the «.acf» file provided. Doing so is at your own risk. Keep the original ZIP file for backup purpose.