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  1. MMML General Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada International Airport - Mexicali, Mexico

    Here is my second new airport:
    MMML - General Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada International Airport - Mexicali, Mexico.
    The inspiration to make this came from a tv documentary that I saw 'The Plane Crash' where they used the airport as a base from which to see what happens to people in a survivable crash.
    This is my first attempt at making some 3d models for terminal and other buildings which I have a good idea what they look like. There were few pictures of the 'air side' buildings so they may not be perfect.
    While the airport is much smaller than the much larger KEWR that I did on my first attempt at scenery, this gave me the opportunity to use and develop the skills I learned on that project and try and really impove the quality and end up with a small but interesting and detailed airport that should be fun to fly from.
    Nice location to learn to fly in the stable desert weather. Excellent location to crash your old used 727's.
    Buildings modeled include:
    Main terminal
    Small terminal
    Fire station
    Volaris / Mexicana
    3 Hangers
    This scenery also includes orthophotos for the airport. I'd try to blend them in more to the default but the desert in x-plane is the wrong colour at the moment.
    Orthophotos are courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey. The USGS home page is http://www.usgs.gov
    To operate correctly OpensceneryX must be installed.
    I also highly recommend that you use Chris K's Wide Taxiway Markings and FlyJSims Enhanced HD Runways both of which this scenery was designed to work with.
    I hope you enjoy using this and look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions!




  2. KEWR Newark Liberty International with Orthophotos

    Here is my first shot at doing an airport using WED. I have chosen KEWR Newark Liberty International because it's the airport that I fly too from Edinburgh when I'm heading to the States with United Airlines.
    This scenery is based on orthophotos which cover the airport and surrounding parts of New Jersey. These are large files, hence the download size. The orthophotos are not great quality so I have taken the liberty of tracing out every single taxiway!!!
    I have tried to make the airport as realistic as possible with correct building placement, busy ramps, cargo areas and runway details. I have also added a large number of taxi signs, I'd like to do more of the complex ones but these take a long time.
    Terminal A
    Terminal B
    Terminal C
    GA Area
    FedEx Cargo Area
    UPS Cargo Area
    OpensceneryX is required!
    This effort is far from perfect but I hope that you enjoy using it.
    Feedback and suggestions for improvement welcome!