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    Flight Sim's ;). Warm weather! Computer's/Networking. Model building. Science Fiction/Fantasy. Dogs/Cats/Pets. Did I say warm weather? Drawing/Painting. Reading. Zen/Spirituality. Astronomy...bunch of other stuff...oh, warm weather?

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  1. od1canod

    Livery List & Requests

    Just FYI, repaint done and uploaded.
  2. od1canod

    Heavy Metal - First Air New LIvery

    First Air New LIvery View File This is my repaint of the IXEG 737 Classic for XPlane 11 (Should work in XP10 as well) in First Air's new livery. Submitter od1canod Submitted 08/06/2019 Category IXEG 737 Classic Livery For http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/take-command-ixeg-737-classic-p-122 X-Plane Version(s) X-Plane 10 & 11  
  3. od1canod

    First Air New LIvery

    Version 1.0.0


    This is my repaint of the IXEG 737 Classic for XPlane 11 (Should work in XP10 as well) in First Air's new livery.
  4. od1canod

    Livery List & Requests

    Can anyone explain this glitch with the paint kit? the first window on the right side is somehow picking up the logo? Any help much appreciated...
  5. od1canod

    Livery List & Requests

    I'll make sure I keep the layers in the paint kit. Should be then simple to do a quick mod and upload a revised version...
  6. od1canod

    Livery List & Requests

    That's pretty sweet! So the 734's are getting the "Canadian North" treatment too then?
  7. od1canod

    Livery List & Requests

    I'm not really a "repainter" but I'm giving it a go... Still some things that don't line up nice, the logo on the fuselage below the tail needs to be added. Fins that I am unsure where they are on the paintkit? As well, seems like the seals around the doors, wing leading edges/boots and the area around the intakes are too dark? Havent figured that out yet either... I will get it uploaded when it's "done". Thanks for a great aircraft! Owen
  8. od1canod

    Thrust Reverser

    BTW, I'm still using XP 10.51....
  9. Hi all, New IXEG user and I'm having an issue. I've looked online and read through the manuals but can't seem to find this one. Thrust reversers dont seem to be working or I'm doing something wrong. My joystick throttle works. I can grab the throttles with the mouse but not the reversers. And somehow I've now gotten "reverser unlocked" lit for throttle 1 but not throttle two. Can someone explain how to get the "reverser unlocked" turned on and off? Thanks. Owen
  10. od1canod

    IXEG 737 Advice/Reviews

    Thank you, that's some really great detailed description of your experience and helps me to decide on this one. Agree that last minute changes done incorrectly isn't going to go well I doubt even in the actual bird. Computers are good but garbage in = garbage out. Sounds like this one is worth giving a go!
  11. od1canod

    IXEG 737 Advice/Reviews

    Thanks for the input. I'm sort of looking for both. Challenging hand flown approaches etc., but most of those are gotten to by some kind of route. For instance, CYEG-CYLW with hand flying the RNAV(RNP) approach. In FSX with the PMDG I can hand fly the whole route but that's not likely very realistic with no AP. SID/STAR and some management of that is pretty normal and hand flying down to the RWY pretty common as well. A real 737, even a -200 ADV with SP177 should handle that. Thus, I seek something that accurately and with stability recreates those systems. I have a couple good ol birds like the DC-3 for purist flights...
  12. od1canod

    IXEG 737 Advice/Reviews

    Thanks for the reply. I've not gone to XP11 so that's good. Appreciate the straight up info as I am looking for a stable addon 737 that doesn't require hours of my time doing "beta testing" on a paid finished product. I've paid for far too many addons claiming to be worth $50 or more when in fact the support forums reflect something that has not been tested very well. A few bugs after release is expected, an unfinished product that crashes the OS or simulator is well, unfinished. Sort of like buying a Ferrari without tires or a transmission. I doubt anyone learning to fly appreciates spending 80% of their hobby time figuring out why the Sim is failing and how to fix it with no access to buggy code. They want to learn aviation, not C++. I will continue to take a serious look at the IXEG as it does seem the developer is serious about standing out... Thanks again.
  13. od1canod

    IXEG 737 Advice/Reviews

    Ah, and where are those airports? I do a lot of Canadian/Western Canada routes. Thanks BTW.
  14. od1canod

    IXEG 737 Advice/Reviews

    Hi everyone, So I'm thinking about getting the IXEG 737 for my X-Plane 10 install. I want to just ask for some opinions from others that already have it. I've read a bunch of reviews and pretty much have heard its awesome. Here's the thing. I have both the CRJ-200 and DC-3 from X-Aviation and am super happy with both so no issue with the distributor/developer. My main flying has so far been in the MS FS world from FS95-FSX. I did try out XP9 and then XP10 and found it pretty decent, even superior in SOME respects to the MS product. In FSX I fly a couple of good GA planes both single and twins. But most of my flights are in Heavy Metal. I've tried quite a few over the years and these are my conclusions. Captain Sim has nice eye candy, not worth the money at all for the hassles in getting it to actually complete a flight without CTD. Level-D was a great plane in FS9, not as reliable in FSX despite covering much of the systems. Quality Wings, not bad, flies OK most of the time but only a step up from default. Milviz 737-200, not bad but I get CTD issues and sudden strange behavior of the flight model. Abacus Fly the Airbus, basically same as the FSX defaults at best. I am not a newbie computer guy, 15 years now in the field as a network tech and college educated so my system runs just fine. And I've tried things beyond what the developers above have suggested for fixes, some of them solving issues that the developers gave up on. So when I get frustrated with an aircraft addon that is IMHO not worth a free download let alone $50 it's not because I don't give them a fair chance. Dumping stuff off on paying customers only to be rude or dismissive because your product is failing them is just not cool. There is only one Boeing jet that I've found to be a superb sim that covers close to all the systems, looks very respectable and has had very little issue running stable, consistently...anyone care to guess? Yup another happy PMDG 737NGX customer. I'd love to get more active in using X-Plane and fly a Boeing 737 in it's world. Any words from any of you out there that have been around sims long enough to have also tried out many a waste of time? I'm hoping the IXEG does what is expected, runs stable and is an advanced enough model of systems and flight dynamics to be worth it's money... I truly appreciate your time reading this and for any words you have... Owen
  15. od1canod

    [SOLVED] Clean Base Textures

    Fair enough...I can understand that...Going forward I will use the included base textures for any repaints!